A special program on "Easy Japanese" will be broadcast on NHK Radio 2 from 14:10 to 14:20 on Sunday, March 14. Two groups of international students and Japanese language tutors were interviewed and asked questions such as "Why did you come to Japan? ", "Why do you want to learn Japanese?", and "How do you feel after using the textbook 'Easy Japanese'?". (International students speak in English and Japanese students speak in Japanese.) You are welcome to listen it via Radio or Internet.

Broadcasting Date and Time: Sunday, March 14, 14:10-14:20, 24:00-24:10
Rebroadcasting Date and Time: Sunday, March 28, 14:10-14:20, 24:00-24:10

Channel: NHK Radio No.2

Speakers: NIDUL Devapriya (1st year undergrad ICTG student) & KASHIMOTO Kimika (2nd year undergrad student)
      DIVIJ G Singh (1st year Master's student) & TASAKI Hiroshi (2nd year undergrad student)

*If you want to listen on the Internet, you can download the "NHK Radio Rajiru★Rajiru" application.


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Easy Japanese textbook

Any international student who wants to can take Japanese classes at the University of Aizu. We also have a Japanese language tutor system for international students who want to study other than learning in the classroom and are eager to learn about Japanese culture and language. We always welcome international and Japanese students who want to do this Japanese language tutor system. Why don't you join us and have fun chatting in Japanese with other students?
(For inquiries, please contact our Japanese language teacher, Ms. Kusakari ✉ake-ku@u-aizu.ac.jp)