On April 18, 2007, President Tsunoyama visited Nanjing University, China, and signed an exchange agreement and an agreement on establishment of Joint Laboratory for Pervasive Computing. Professor Sagawa, Director of Center for Strategy of International Programs (C.S.I.P), and Professor Guo who has been playing an important role in the exchange between the universities also joined a signing ceremony. Based on these agreements, mutual exchange of faculty members and research through the Joint Laboratory for Pervasive Computing, etc. will be implemented in the future.

On April 20, President Tsunoyama, Professor Sagawa and Professor Guo visited Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), one of our IPUs in China. Professor Sagawa signed a memorandum of International Dual Degree program between School of Computer Science and Technology at Huazhong University of School of Science and Technology and the Graduate School of The University of Aizu there.

Signing ceremony at Nanjing University
Nanjian Univ.
Signatories to the agreements
The University of Aizu: President Shigeaki Tsunoyama
Nanjing University: Vice-president Teijyun Min
Signing the memorandum at HUST
Signatories to the memorandum
The University of Aizu: Professor Sagawa, Director of C.S.I.P
HUST: Professor Hai Jin, Dean of School of Computer