On Thursday, December 27, 2007, an agreement regarding scientific collaboration and exchange was concluded between the Department of Computer Science, the University of Rome "Sapienza," Italy and the University of Aizu.
Collaborative research between the University of Rome "Sapienza" and the University of Aizu was initiated based on a person-to-person basis, that is, between a former faculty member of the University of Aizu and Professor Paolo Bottoni from University of Rome "Sapienza," who has been invited as visiting researcher at the University of Aizu. In November of 2007, Professor Nikolay N. Mirenkov, Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School of the University of Aizu visited the University in Italy to have preparatory talks for the agreement.
Professor Bottoni, on behalf of the University of Rome "Sapienza," was present at the ceremony for conclusion of the agreement, and President Shigeaki Tsunoyama, Professor Mirenkov, and Professor Sagawa, the Director of Center for Strategy of International Programs at the University of Aizu, affixed their signatures to the written agreement, which had been signed by relevant persons of Sapienza in Italy.
The Department of Computer Science, the University of Rome "Sapienza" is the first institution in Italy, with which the University of Aizu was concluded an exchange agreement, and the 28th institution the University has an international agreement with. It is expected that this agreement will promote collaborative research, exchange of faculty members and graduate students, as well as mutual participation in scientific conference and seminars which will be organized by each university.

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University of Rome "Sapienza"
Founded in 1303. Currently known as the biggest university in Europe for number of students more than 140,000 with approximately 9,000 faculty members in 21 faculties. Sapienza has a tradition of excellence in the field of Science, in particular, Physics and Mathematics. The Department of Computer Science was established in 1991 and is the only one Computer Science Department in the Lazio region. About 45 faculty members, 2,000 students with various technical and administrative staff members are enrolled in the department. Main research topics of the department include Algorithms, Computer Architectures, and Software Engineering, etc..