Date & Time: September 6, 2020 13:00-15:00
Location: From each home by Zoom
Participants: SAISUA: Zhu Xin, LUU Xuan Son, Peng Boyuan
Labo Party Aizu Area Branch: 40 members(Parents and their children) and 6 leaders

SAISUA was invited to Labo Party Aizu Area Branch's workshop for the third time. This year, two students attended from Vietnam and China. Those students made presentations about their countries and culture via Zoom. There presentations were followed by very active questions and answers session.

Mr. Luu said that he was shocked by many kinds of public transportation, such as trains, and that the environment is clean, while Mr. Peng said that there were cultural differences, such as different pronunciations of the same kanji and that watermelons are expensive in Japan. They both came to Japan last September, but they regret that they cannot travel in Japan because of the new coronavirus. They want to be an engineer in the future.

Labo members were very excited and enjoyed to find out about Vietnamese and Chinese culture.

Labo Party was established in 1966 to help speaking skill development of children based on their mother language to nurture rich sensitivity, imagination, expressive power of children through intercultural exchange programs. Members are formed from pre-k children to high school students under the leadership of adult sub-branch leaders.

The other day, Labo Party Aizu Area Branch donated to SAISUA a total of 10,000 yen.


     Zhu SAISUA president and Hasunuma Labo Party president


        Mr. Peng


        Mr. Luu