Mr. Akram Ben Ahmed from Tunisia and Mr. Duc Nguyen Van from Vietnam were invited by third grade students from Ikki Elementary school in Aizu Wakamatsu city on February 27th, 2015 to visit and introduce their home countries.

The school children were surprised to hear how far away Vietnam and Tunisia are. Since it takes about 5 hours to Vietnam and about 16 hours to Tunisia from Japan by airplane. As for their languages, there was a history of using Chinese characters before 1945 in Vietnam. Tunisia has two public languages which are Arabic and French. When they talk with their family and friends, they speak Arabic but they are taught all lessons in French at school. When the school children heard that they said "That's amazing!" The international students asked quiz questions about their home countries and the school children enjoyed answering them.

At the end of the lesson the school children sang a song for the international students. CSIP office is planning to expand such activities in the future.