25 participants who are International students, faculty member, their families at UoA and a member of staff at Fukushima University took part in Japanese Culture Seminar 2014 (summer session) which was held from July 28th to August 1st. This seminar was held to get to know Aizu Culture and History also to deepen their knowledge about it. We attended lectures about local History and Culture for 4 days then we went on the field trip on the last day of the Seminar. On the field trip, we visited a Japanese lacquerware shop and a brewery. The participants were impressed by the skills of making the lacquerwares. Artisans drew the beautiful pictures on it and it was very delicate. In the brewery, a member of staff explained how to make sake then we tasted various kinds of sake. The participants enjoyed learning about Aizu Culture and History from Japanese Culture Seminar 2014(summer session).

CSIP office is planning to organize the second term Japanese Seminar for International students, faculty members and their families in October, 2014. We hope there will be a large number of attendees.

A member of staff was explaining how nice lacquer ware is.(left), An artisan was drawing beautiful pictures.(right)

A member of staff explained how to make sake.(left), A group photo taken outside the brewery.(right)