Mr. Abdoulaye Niang from Senegal, Ms. Koswatte Chathurika from Sri Lanka, Mr. Vuong Viet Mai from Vietnam, Mr. Roman Efimov from Russia, Mr. Jianguo Yu from China, Ms. Megu Wakasugi from Japan and Ms. Misato Morino from Japan were invited by third and fourth grade students from Nisshin Elementary School in Aizu Wakamatsu City on June 12th to visit and communicate with them in English. This was the first English lesson for the grade three students so they were excited to learn and communicate with students from the University of Aizu. The grade three students sat in a circle and learnt English greetings. The fourth grade students studied how to ask questions in English. Also, the students from the University of Aizu told them about their home cultures. The elementary school students enjoyed learning English and also learning about foreign cultures from the visitors. The CSIP office is planning to expand such activities in the future.