Nihongo corner (Japanese section) is now open in the Lounge for International Exchange (within CSIP office) to help International faculty members and students to learn Japanese language. Various textbooks, workbooks and materials to learn Japanese language are available in this section, and anyone who wants to improve his/her Japanese language is welcome to browse and use them.
Books available here are from ones on basic Japanese language skills including grammar, hiagana, kanji etc. to more advanced materials which discuss Japanese culture and contemporary Japan. There are also some unique materials such as kanji cards and picture cards to learn onomatopoenia and mimetic words.
Just drop in anytime during our office hour and spend some time with these books!

Lounge for International Exchange
Place: Room #127 on the 1st floor of the Research Quadrangles (within CSIP office)
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5:15pm