Associate Professor Hamada

Associate Professor Mohamed Hamada (affiliated with the School of Computer Science and Engineering of the University of Aizu) has was assigned to the African University of Science and Technology (AUST) as a visiting researcher for academic exchanges, etc. The period for this invitation is scheduled for about 4 months from May16 to September 17, 2009. He is expected to collaborate with the research teams and contribute to research projects on learning technologies and software engineering through utilization of IT during his stay at the AUST-Abuja campus, Nigeria.
Associate Professor Hamada accepted this invitation offered by the Nelson Mandela Institution (NMI), a non-governmental organization in Washington D.C., USA, established for development of science and engineering in Sub-Saharan Africa. NMI established the AUST with the support of the World Bank and the Africa Development Bank. AUST has a vision to establish 4 campuses on the African continent, and AUST-Abuja was the first campus established in 2007 with their vision.