On Monday, October 20, 2008, Professor Rung-Ching Chen (Dean of the College of Informatics), Associate Professor Cheng-Hsiung Hsieh (Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering) and Assistant Professor Long-Sheng Chen (Department of Information Management) from Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT) visited the University of Aizu and visited President Tsunoyama. After meeting with President Tsunoyama, they held a discussion with Director Iwase of the Center for Strategy of International Programs, Professor Guo and Assistant Professor Hashida regarding plans for future exchanges.
Chaoyang University of Technology, which consists of 5 colleges and 19 departments including the College of Informatics and the College of Science and Engineering, was founded in 1994, and has a student population of about 12,000. The University of Aizu has strengthened its ties with CYUT through Professor Guo, and four students from CYUT are currently studying at the University of Aizu. Two of these students are studying at the University of Aizu as non-degree status students, and the other two students completed the Master's Program at CYUT, and enrolled in the Doctoral Program at the University of Aizu, as of October 1, 2008.
On Tuesday, October 21, Dean Chen's delegation met and encouraged these four students.


Dean Chen (right), President Tsunoyama (left)