2 students from Chonnam National University (CNU), Gwangju Metropolitan City, South Korea, visited the University of Aizu to conduct interviews on the unique characteristics and collaborative activities the University carries out with industries in the region.
Ms. Choi Eun-jung, and Ms. Ryu Seung-hyi, both 2nd-year students of the "CNU Press & Broadcasting Center" came to Japan with its project to cover Japanese Universities which have adopted excellent academic systems and programs.
They chose the University of Aizu for the coverage because of its characteristics described as follows; the University of Aizu is a local university with specialized education, and collaborates with the local community. The University's education specializing in computer and its environment, university-business cooperation which boasts the largest number of university-launched venture companies among public universities in Japan, and approaches to recruiting students were introduced by our faculty members and staff. Ms. Ryu gave her impressions of the University by stating "The University of Aizu is very beautiful and provides a first-class environment for studies. The University develops good relationships with students and the region as well."
CNU is the National University consisting of 17 colleges including engineering and education. Contents of the coverage are scheduled to appear on the "CNU Weekly and English Magazine."