From August 27 to September 7, Prof. Sagawa, Director of Mathematical Sciences and also Director of Center for Strategy of International Programs of the University of Aizu, visited Shanghai, Lanzhou, Xiamen, China, as a part of CSIP's Project. On August 28, Prof. Sagawa visited Shanghai Jiao Tong University (one of our IPU's in China), exchanged gifts in honor of partnership between the universities and had talks about joint research. At Fukushima Prefecture Shanghai Office, Prof. Sagawa, Prof. Guo (UoA) and staff of the Office had talks about exchange plans for the future.

On September 1, Prof. Sagawa attended signing ceremony at Lanzhou Institute of Modern Physics, CAS, and concluded an exchange agreement (department-level) between the institute and Center for Mathematical Sciences. Based on this agreement, scientific collaboration in particle, nuclear and nuclear astrophysics will be implemented in the future.

Exchange gifts at Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.

Left: Prof. Sagawa(Director of CSIP and Center for Mathematical Science)
Right: Prof. Lu(Dep. of Computer Science and Engineering)

Visiting Dep. of Software of Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.

Visiting Fukushima Prefecture Shanghai Office

From left: Mr. Oshima(vice director), Prof. Guo(UoA), Prof. Sagawa, Mr. Adachi(Director)

The signing ceremony at Lanzhou Institute of Modern Physics, CAS

Receiving a gift from Prof. Guo, at the presentation ceremony

A fine view of Lanzhou City and Yellow River