On September 26, President Tsunoyama visited Korea University, Korea, and concluded an exchange agreement. Prof. Wei and Prof. Paik(UoA) who have been playing an important role in the exchange between the universities joined the signing ceremony.
Based upon this agreement, mutral exchange of information, scientific materials and faculty members, etc. will be implemented in the future.

From September 20 to 22, International Conference "CIT2006 (2006 IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology)" was held in cooperation with Korea University. This conference started as an international academic exchange program of UoA. President Tsunoyama(Honorary General Chair), Prof Wei(General Cochair) and other faculty members of UoA attended the Conference.

Signatories to the agreement
the University of Aizu: President Shigeaki Tsunoyama
Korea University: President Yoon-Dae Euh