Student Study Tour to China, December 2005

Three student delegates visited Chinese universities one a short honorary visit program.

Tour Schedule

Tour Schedule

Sun, 18 Dec 2005 : Depart Fukushima Airport Mon 19 - Thurs 22 : Visit to Shanghai University Fri 23 - Wed 28 : Visit to Huazhong University of Science and Technology Thurs 29 : Arrive Fukushima Airport

Tour content

Lectures on computer science, seminars, campus tours, student exchanges, company visits and others

Dept. of Computer Science undergrad students 3rd-year Takahiro Machino, 2nd-year Yuuki Yoshida, 1st-year Atsushi Suzuki

Depart from Fukushima airport

Three delegates and Chaperone Prof. Guo

From Left to Right : Prof Guo, Mr. Machino, Mr. Yoshida and Mr. Suzuki

Visiting Shanghai university

Honorary visit to Department of Computer Science at Shanghai University

Tour to Grid-E Institute at Shanghai Univ.

Lecture on Computer Control

Shanghai University Main Campus

Visiting Huazhong Institute of Technology


Ceremony of Mou