On January 23, 2023, at 9:30 a.m. (17:30 Japan time), a kick-off ceremony for the JICA Grassroots Technical Cooperation Project "Project Model Development for ICT Start-up Human Resources Development for Youth and Women (Community Activation Type)" was held in Tunisia. The ceremony was held jointly by ISTIC (Institute of Information and Telecommunications Technology of the University of Cartago) and the University of Aizu.

The ceremony was attended by many faculty members and students of ISTIC and the University of Carthage, by business people, and by Ambassador Takeshi Osuga, Ambassador of Japan to Tunisia; Mr. Moncef Bukhtir, Tunisian Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology; Ms. Nadia Muzgui, Rector of the University of Carthage; and Mr. Shuhei Ueno, Director of the JICA Tunisia Office. Mr. Shuhei Ueno offered his congratulations and best wishes for the success of the project. This was followed by an explanation of the concept of the project by Professor Asano of the University of Aizu, an introduction of the latest startups in Japan by Mr. Kumagai of TSI Corporation, and a mini-lecture by the Dean of the Undergraduate School of the University of Aizu, Professor Ben on an overview of his research on AI chips, which received a great response.

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Opening remarks by Dr. Lazhar Manai, ISTIC Director Congratulatory address by Ambassador Takeshi Osuga, Ambassador of Japan to Tunisia Congratulatory address by Mr. Moncef Bukhtir, Tunisian Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology
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Japanese officials also attended online. ISTIC students also participated Through JICA's grassroots activities, we will serve as a bridge between Japan and Tunisia.

JICA Grassroots Technical Cooperation Project:
Based on the agreement signed on October 4, 2022 between JICA and the University of Carthage, this project will be implemented with Fukushima Prefecture as the proposing organization and the University of Aizu as the designated organization, to provide training for young Tunisians and women in cutting-edge technologies and start-ups in the ICT sector during the three-year project period. The objective is to promote entrepreneurship, increase job opportunities, and promote the active participation of women, as well as to improve ISTIC's program on start-up human resource development and to strengthen its implementation and management capacity.