On Wednesday, May 13, an online international talk was held as a part of "Virtual Global Lounge (VGL)" activity, and 48 Japanese students, international students, and faculty and staff members were participated via Zoom.

Mr. Kentaro Ogi (undergraduate 3 years) was in charge of the MC, and Mr. Tomomi Nagata (Undergraduate 4 years) who made the poster was acknowledged. After that, Mr. Hoshi Yuya (Undergraduate 4 years), who returned to Japan in March this year after studying abroad for six months at the Rose-Harman Institute of Technology (RHIT) in the United States was introduced as a speaker. He introduced the classes, dormitory life, meals, autumn and winter breaks, and the changes through he experienced while studying abroad in English.

The RHIT campus is huge, and he spent his time in a campus dormitory. It was very hard for him to study difficult subjects and to do a lot of tasks beyond his expectation, but RHIT students ask many questions to professors and tutors at any time during class, and he also mentioned that it was good environment for students to study. He also shared about the Engineer class, the Japanese Society class, and the team project that he took at RHIT. During the fall and winter breaks after the exam, he enjoyed going out with friends, traveling, and staying at friend's house.

Through the study abroad, he has become more interested in modern culture of Japan. He also said that his communication and engineering skills have improved by carrying out the team project in English, and his psychological hurdles become lower to try various things.

His goal is to work overseas in the future, and he gave the words of encouragement to the freshmen, telling as "You'll be welcomed wherever in UoA ".

Mr. Hoshi's experience of studying abroad was very interesting, and the participants asked various questions about studying abroad. It turned out to be an active International talk, and we thank to his presentation.
We are planning to hold an online [Zoom] international talk in June, so please feel free to join us.

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