On April 28th to 29th, 2019, 12 UoA students participated to the agricultural experiance tour which is organized by Nishiaizu town. (4 chinese, 4 Vietnamese, 2 Nigerian, 1 Brundi and 1 Japanese.)

They experienced an agricultural activities, got in a hot spring in Nishiaizu town after their hard work. After the activity, they were invited to the welcoming party by Nishiaizu town and exchange with the local people there.

About 15 students from Fukushima University also joined to the tour. They worked with UoA students and exchanged each other.

人足イベント2.jpeg 人足イベント(作業中1).jpeg 人足イベント(会津大&福大).jpeg 人足イベント(集落での慰労会).JPG