Usage of the University of Aizu Global Lounge【Updated on November 1, 2022】

With maximum consideration for preventing infection and its spread, we would like to limit the number of users up to 20 due to the recent pandemic situation. The lounge may be closed depending on the status of the pandemic. Please make sure to comply with the guideline in order to have a fun and enjoyable opportunity to improve your language skills and understand different cultures.

◆Objective: To promote international exchange between Japanese and international students on a daily basis to
improve language skills and intercultural understanding.
 (International Talk, TOEFL preparation classes, English classes, Buddy Program, Japanese tutors, etc.)
◆Operation:  From Monday, November 1, 2022
◆Hours of Use: In principle, Monday through Friday, 09:00 to 19:00 (ask security to lock the door at 19:00)
 (Up to 20 people 2 hours per person per day)
 Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
 In addition, the Lounge may also be closed depending on the status of the new coronavirus infection.

Guidelines for Using the Lounge
(1) Before you enter the Lounge:
(a) Please visit the Center for Globalization to complete the procedures before entering the lounge.
(The number of people entering the lounge and the time will be monitored.)
(b) If you have a high temperature (higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius), fatigue, or cold symptoms, you are not allowed to use the lounge.
(c) Please make sure to disinfect your hands when entering and leaving the room.

(2) While you are in the Lounge:
(a) To prevent the spread of viruses by splashing, please wear a mask and try to have conversations over the acrylic panels installed in the lounge. Please avoid talking in loud voices or at a close distance.

- Avoiding "Crowded Places" (Maintaining Physical Distance)
The maximum number of people who can enter the lounge is limited to sixteen, on a first-come, first-served basis. The use of the lounge for self-study is limited to individual study and is not permitted for study by multiple people.

- Avoiding "Closed Spaces" (with Ventilation)
In principle, please keep doors and windows open and ventilate the room during open hours.

- Avoiding "Close-Contact Settings" (Wearing Masks and Disinfecting)
Make sure to wear masks and use hand sanitization. Do not move desks, chairs, acrylic panels, etc.
(b) Eating and drinking are prohibited in the lounge.
(c) Please wipe used desks, chairs, teaching materials, etc. with the sanitizing alcohol towels provided.

The number of Users and Contents:


※ In order to have a fun and enjoyable opportunity to improve your language skills and understand different cultures, please make sure to comply with the guidelines.

In spite of the situation, reflecting the voices of students who want to interact with students, we will continue the "Virtual Global Lounge (VGL)" activities so that everyone can communicate online.

More details, scheduling, how to participate in that will be announced later in the university e-mail, and on the website of the OSIP office.

The Next VGL Activity


Global Lounge

What is the Global Lounge?

If you would like to have any inquires about the study abroad or international activities, you can reach us with the following contact. Contact: Office for Strategy of International Programs (OSIP), Center for Globalization / Research Quadrangles 1st floor (Rm 123) Email: osip-global@u-aizu.ac.jp