The regular meeting of the Aizu Industry Forum was held on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 in the Aizu Wakamatsu Washington Hotel.
The regular meeting was attended by Prof. Zhu Xin, President of SAISUA, and Prof. Tatsuki Kawaguchi, Director of the Office for Strategy of International Program , and received a list of donations to SAISUA (150,000 yen worth) from the Presisent of the Aizu Industrial Forum.
After transmitting the list of donations, Prof. Kawaguchi gave a presentation on "Globalization of the University of Aizu(From world to aizu, Aizu to the world)".

2020産学懇話会授与.jpg 2020産学懇話会朱.jpg

President Zhu, who receives the list from the president of the association
President Zhu giving a thank-you speech

2020産学懇話会.jpg 2020産学懇話会川口.jpg

Prof. Kawaguchi giving a presentation