On Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020, an online international talk was held as a part of "Virtual Global Lounge (VGL)" activity, and 34 Japanese students, international students, and faculty and staff members were participated via Zoom.

Mr. Mola Bogdan Georgii (doctor course) from Russia had presentation about the history, food and relationship in both his mother countries, between Cuba and Russia in English.
Cuba was independent in the 19 century after being colonized by Spain. Mr.Georgii also introduced about the Cuban Revolution and the Japanese Latin band "Tokyo Cuban Boys".
As for food, he talked about the tropical food and a smoothie called Batid which he often had when he was a child.
About his 2nd mother country, Russia, he introduced the history, the Russian empire, and food of Borsh and Pinrozhki. At the end, he explained the historical relationship between Russia and Cuba.

Mr. Georgii's talk was very interesting and we were able to learn about Cuba and Russia. The participants asked various questions, and we had a wonderful time and a good cross-cultural understanding.

The next International Talk "Let's learn about the attractiveness of Sri Lanka" will be held on July 8th via an online presentation. Please feel free to join us.

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