On Monday, November 28th, 2022, the SAISUA scholarship conferment ceremony was held at the 128 Conference room of the Research Quadrangles.

SAISUA provides international students with scholarships every six months so that they can concentrate on their studies. International students in need of
financial support and demonstrating superior academic performance are selected as recipients of this scholarship. SAISUA gave 90,000 yen to each student at this time.

SAISUA President Jeremy PERKINS explained the purpose of the scholarship to recipients, sharing the following words with the recipients: "Congratulations on being selected for the SAISUA scholarship. We had 14 applicants this time and you were both selected because of your excellent applications. The scholarship comes with some responsibilities; we ask that you participate in at least two international events either at the university or in the local community during the scholarship period. Please contact OSIP if you need some ideas on how you can do that. Again, congratulations on being selected as the SAISUA scholarship recipients!"

Mr. ONUOHA Chibuike Martins: Nigerian


Ms. PALLA Likhitha: Indian