Date & Time: September 4, 2022 14:00-15:30
Participants: from SAISUA: LI Haicui(master course 1st grade), DANDENIYA WEERASINGHEGE Hiruni Indra Dhanushi(master course 2nd grade),Otake(Staff of SAISUA)
Labo Party Aizu Area Branch: about 30 members (Parents and their children)

SAISUA was invited to Labo Party Aizu Area Branch's workshop for the fifth time. This year, two students respectively from China and Sri Lanka made presentations about their countries and culture for participants from Labo Party. Their presentations were followed by lively questions and answers

In response to children's questions:

Ms. LI Haicui: I am from Yunnan Province, China, so I like spicy Sichuan food. Famous local fruits include apples and peaches. When children asked what she does on her birthday, she has a party and play with her friends while eating cake. As this is the hometown of pandas, when asked by children if she has ever touched pandas directly, we have never touched pandas as they live in a protected area, as expected.

Ms. DANDENIYA WEERASINGHEGE Hiruni Indra Dhanushi: She joined wearing traditional costumes. She said that Sri Lanka has a similar rice-eating culture and that Japanese rice, especially from Aizu, is delicious. There was a picture of a red banana in the presentation, and when asked how it tasted, she said it was sweet and soft. As for Japanese food, she likes spicy miso ramen and tempura. They will spend 13 years together when they enter school.

The children from Labo Party were very excited to learn a lot about Vietnam and Bangladesh and enjoyed exchanging words with these international students.

Labo Party was established in 1966 to help children develop their communication skills using foreign languages and their mother language as well. They provide many different intercultural exchange programs to nurture children's rich sensitivity, imagination, and expressive ability. The members include from pre-k children to university students and adults, who enjoy the programs with local adult group organizers.

Labo Party Aizu Area Branch donated to SAISUA a total of 10,000 yen.

Hiruni.JPG Hiruni和室.JPG

Presentation of Hiruni

海翠.JPG 海翠和室s.jpg

Presentation of Haucui

寄付金授与.JPG 全体.JPG

Donation ceremony(From left side, President of Labo Pary, Ms. Li, Ms. DANDENIYA)