Date & Time: September 5, 2021 13:00-14:30, September 11, 2021 13:30-14:30
Location: From each home by Zoom
Participants: from SAISUA: Zhu Xin, NGUYEN Van Thang, KABIR Raihan
Labo Party Aizu Area Branch: about 40 members (Parents and their children) and 8 leaders

SAISUA was invited to Labo Party Aizu Area Branch's workshop for the fourth time. This year, two students respectively from Vietnam and Bangladeshi made presentations about their countries and culture via Zoom for participants from Labo Party. Their presentations were followed by lively questions and answers

In response to children's questions:

Mr. NGUYEN: said that he was shocked by many kinds of public transportation, such as trains, and that the environment is clean, while Mr. Peng said that there were cultural differences, such as different pronunciations of the same kanji and that watermelons are expensive in Japan. They both came to Japan last September, but they regret that they cannot travel in Japan because of the new coronavirus. They want to be an engineer in the future.

Mr. NGUYEN: I like Japanese anime, such as Doraemon, One Piece, Naruo. Doraemon is one of the most popular anime series among people even in Vietnam. From amount Japanese food, I like Sushi, but I do not like Natto. In relation to Japanese culture, I am interested in Samurai and I have seen Aizu Festival before. In the Olympic games, I supported Vietnamese athletes, but unfortunately, they did not win any medals.

Mr. KABIR: I came to Aizu from Bangladesh in December last year, so the first thing that I was surprised at was snow. I was also surprised that Japanese people are very polite and kind. I like nature in the Aizu area, I have climbed Mt. Bandai. I have enjoyed the four seasons in Japan, I like winter snow and autumn leaves, they are so beautiful. It is hot in summer here, it is almost the same as my country. Among Japanese anime, I like Naruto, Death Note and Dragon Ball. My favorite foods are watermelons, vegetable curry and noodles. I like travel and have visited some areas in Japan other than Aizu. However, since I came to Aizu I have not been able to travel because of COVID-19. I really want to visit hot springs. (In response to the question about the meaning of the design of Bangladeshi national flag) Green means nature and red means blood shed by the people who fought to win our independence.

The children from Labo Party were very excited to learn a lot about Vietnam and Bangladesh and enjoyed exchanging words with these international students.

Labo Party was established in 1966 to help children develop their communication skills using foreign languages and their mother language as well. They provide many different intercultural exchange programs to nurture children's rich sensitivity, imagination, and expressive ability. The members include from pre-k children to university students and adults, who enjoy the programs with local adult group organizers.

The other day, Labo Party Aizu Area Branch donated to SAISUA a total of 10,000 yen.

LaboParty 2021 Vietnam NGUYEN.JPG LaboParty 2021 Vietnam あいさつ.JPG LaboParty 2021 Vietnam 子供.JPG

Presentation of Mr. NGUYEN

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Presentation of Mr. KABIR

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