On Monday, July 13th, 2020, the SAISUA scholarship conferment ceremony was held at the 128 Conference room of the Research Quadrangles. SAISUA provides international students with scholarships every six months so that they can concentrate on their studies. International students in need of financial support and demonstrating superior academic performance are selected as recipients of this scholarship.
SAISUA gave 90,000 yen to each student at this time. SAISUA President Zhu Xin explained the purpose of the scholarship and encouraged the scholarship recipients, and told "This year, we are facing with COVID-2019 pandemics. This is a crisis for the whole world. This is also a challenge for international students of The University of Aizu. Please make full use of the scholarship for your study and living, and try to make significant contributions to society from now on."
The scholarship recipients are as follows:

Mr. Ly Edward Sam: United States
Ms. Liu Yiyang  : China
Mr. Peng Boyuan : China


Photo:From left side , Mr. Peng Boyuan, President Zhu Xin, Mr. Ly Edward Sam, Ms. Liu Yiyang