On Thursday, November 14th, 2019, the SAISUA scholarship presentation ceremony was held at the 128 Conference room of the Research Quadrangles. SAISUA provides international students with scholarships every six months so that they can concentrate on their studies. International students in need of financial support and demonstrating superior academic performance are selected as recipients of this scholarship.
SAISUA gave 90,000 yen for the students this time. They received a total of 180,000 for a semester. SAISUA President Julián Villegas explained the purpose of the scholarship and encouraged the scholarship recipients, saying "Congratulations again, we are working hard to support your studies. Please consider becoming a donor when you finish your studies and become a successful professional. This way we can help to change the world." 
The scholarship recipients are as follows:

Li TANG China
Ruiyao ZHANG China
Thi Thoa Tran  Vietnam
Chun-Yu YEH China

Photo:From left side Ms. Thi Thoa Tran, Vice-president Hirano, Mr. Li TANG, President Julián Villegas, Mr. Ruiyao ZHANG, Mr. Chun-Yu YEH, Director Sugiyama