Date & Time: September 8, 2019 14:30-16:00
Location: Aizu Keiko-Do
Participants: SAISUA: Julián Villegas, Maki Hirano, Camilo Juan Arevalo Arboleda, Yaqub Abdullahi Mahmoud
Labo Party Aizu Area Branch: 40 members including 6 leaders

SAISUA was invited to Labo Party Aizu Area Branch's workshop for the second time. This year, we sent two students from Colombia and Nigeria. Those students made presentations about their countries and culture with slides. They brought traditional closing for Labo members' to try them on.
There presentations were followed by very active questions and answers session and demonstration of Salsa dance which is a popular dance in Colombia. Labo members were very excited and enjoyed to find out Colombian and Nigerian culture.

Labo Party was established in 1966 to help speaking skill development of children based on their mother language to nature rich sensitivity, imagination, expressive power of children through intercultural exchange programs. Members are formed from pre-k children to high school students with under leadership of adult sub-branch leaders.

Labo Party Aizu Area Branch donated to SAISUA
a total of 13,072 yen at the beginning of this workshop. 3,072 yen was donated from children's pocket money at the workshop in addition to a funds the branch prepared.

SAISUA invited them to So-Sho-Sai in October and we are invited to their Year-end Play in December which is Labo Party member's achievement presentation.

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