UoA students, mostly international students joined "Japanese Cultural Seminar 2016 (summer session)" held on September 15, 2016. The purpose of this seminar is to encourage students to get familiar with Aizu and Japanese history and culture through interaction with local residens and experience activities, and to understand the culture and history profoundly.

At this time, the students experienced one of the most typical Japanese traditional cultures, tea ceremony. The tea ceremony took place in Aizu Wakamatsu City, and the tea master and her assistants provided the students with kind instructions individually. The students keenly listened to explanations about the manner and the movement, and asked a lot of questions after the explanations. Further, the students seemed to love the tea and snacks, so some of them requested another bowl of tea and asked a name of the store where they could buy the snacks.

Since the students were able to be exposed to the culture directly through the tea ceremony, which helped them understand it profoundly, this seminar was really productive for them. The OSIP will proactively work on and open such activities in the future.

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