The study abroad fairs for mid-term period and short-term period were held in May. University of Aizu promotes and supports international education by offering various programs for study abroad to the students. We hope many students challenge those oversea programs.

Approximately 20 students joined the mid-term period study abroad fair on May 16, 2014. At first, Professor Rozycki, Director of Center for Language Research and Studies, gave a short opening speech. Then CSIP office provided the information on overseas study programs. After that, Mr. Taku Nagasaka made a presentation about his student life at RHIT. In Q&A, Mr. Ryohei Suda and Ms. Yurika Hashimoto joined with Mr. Nagasaka and talked about their experiences in overseas.

The short-term study abroad fair was held on May 23, which was a part of freshman English class, and approximately 244 students including non-freshman. Professor Shigaku Tei, Vice president gave an opening speech. CSIP office and Professor Kaneko provided the information of overseas program and "Global Experience Gateway" class. After that, Mr. Kotaro Maruyama, Ms. Misato Morino, Mr. Masashi Yoshida, Mr. Tsubasa Watanabe, and Mr. Asaichiro Kazawa made a presentation about their experience at RHIT. Mr. Keisuke Tamoi and Mr. Satoshi Hotta gave a presentation about DNA program in China and Chinese culture. All the presentation were very unique in their own way, the audience enjoyed them. At the end, Professor Brine and Professor Kawaguchi summarized the fair.

It is very important to learn from the real experience given by senior students. Number of students who visit CSIP office to ask about these programs have increased, which shows, we think, that motivation is getting higher for international education. All the CSIP staffs have experiences of in studying overseas, so let us know if you have any questions. We are looking forward to seeing you at CSIP office.