A "Welcome Hour," a welcome party for new faculty members, international students and administrative staff who joined the University in spring 2012 was held at Keyaki restaurant (the Student Hall) on Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 18:10. The event is jointly organized by CSIP/SAISUA in spring and in autumn every year. There was a total of 43 participants including President Tsunoyama and Prof. Rozycki, 2011 Chair of SAISUA. The party started with a welcome address by President Tsunoyama. This year our University received a very first student from Laos. He is a research student and will enter the Master's Program in October. The attendees were very surprised to hear his self-introduction in fluent Japanese. Twelve Japanese students also joined the party this time from a student circle "Win-win Club". Professor Rozycki took a role of the MC and many participants left the venue with strong reluctance after one hour.