An event was held on Friday, April 9 from 7pm on campus with a purpose of introducing Portugal and the University of Porto. There were a total of 9 participants. Among those 9 were 2 students and 3 faculty members from our university and 4 participants from outside the university. The University of Porto is one of UoA's international partner universities and has mutual student exchanges. Assistant Professor Oi, who is a key faculty member for this relationship between the universities, organized this event. First, Mr. Takahashi (Senior, UoA), who studied at the University of Porto (Porto) on a UoA's Overseas Study Program made a speech. He made a speech about his life at Porto, achievements of his research and his future research which was inspired during his study at Porto. He also talked about the difficulties in understanding English spoken with Portuguese accent and how he was able to find more Japanese food than he thought. The participants deepen their understanding about Portugal. After that, Mr. Rui Rei from the University of Porto made a speech. Mr. Rei has studied at UoA since January, 2010 on JASSO Student Exchange Support Program. He talked about geography, culture of Portugal and the University of Porto showing many pictures. The pictures of rivers in Porto city and fireworks on San Joao festival were especially beautiful and received attention from participants. Finally, he also reported about his research during his stay in UoA.

Mr. Rei's Presentation

Mr.Takahashi (left) and Mr.Rei (right)