Ms.Yuriko Nagashima (foreign personnel advisor of UoA and also a member of CSIP) and Ms. Kaori Sato (foreign personnel advisor of UoA ) participated in "JAFSA staff training program Ⅰ"which was held at Nanzan University training center in Nagoya from June 1 to June 3, 2006. This program is for the staffs at the universities and institutes in Japan who are in charge of international relations like assisting overseas students enter the universities in Japan.

A brief report of the participants

"There were twenty-eight participants from private, public and national universities all over the nation. It turned out that we all have the common problems to tackle in our job duties, no matter in which institution we are working. It was a great experience to network with those people to share the goals and concerns, and exchange notes to learn from their best practices."

Ms. Yuriko Nagashima and Ms. Kaori Sato Foreign personnel advisorsThe University of Aizu

CSIP plans to continue to provide the University staff with training opportunities like this in the coming months.