Two interpreters of UoA (Ms. Humi Hasunuma and Ms. Sanae Hirata) participated in Japan Interpreters Association's intermediate simultaneous interpretation seminar held at Tsuda Hall in Shinjyuku, Tokyo, from August 17 to August 20.

Comments from Participants

&quotIt was first time for us to participate in Interpretation /Translation seminar. The schedule was really tight. At first, we were overwhelmed with the volume of assignments and didn't know what to do with it. During this 3-days seminar, we learned and experienced what "translation" is, over and over again. Translation is not to just translate a sentence literally, but to translate a sentence freely by restructuring the sentence with using our own words, based on your comprehension. We learned many tips on how to take notes efficiently as well. We are glad that we could make good use of this seminar. We would like to keep brushing up the skills as an expert interpreter.&quot

Fumi Hasunuma and Sanae HirataInterpreters of UoA

*CSIP continues to provide the University staff with training opportunities like this in the coming months.