SAISUA and CSIP jointly organized Second International Talk on August 3( Thur.) from 17:00 at the Lounge of Research Quadrangles.

There were total 11 participants with a breakdown of 7 university students and 4 from faculty and staff members.

Mr. Xin Zhu(from China) talked a lot including his background , research theme and his stay in Aizu. Since he has been staying in Aizu more than 3 years, he is very much accustomed to the life in Aizu. He gave some useful recommendations to the junior students. After his talk, an active Q&A session was held with that almost every participant asked a question to him. One of the questions was a serious one regarding the World War Ⅱ, but he honestly and sincerely answered the question.

*Next International Talk is scheduled in October ( dates to be arranged).

Comments of the student participants

3rd year student:"I enjoyed the active Q&A session with a small group. This was a really good opportunity to communicate with a Chinese although we had a serious conflict in the past history."

2nd year student:"This was my first experience to participate in the Talk. I had some difficulties to understand his talk in English due to my poor ability of the language. I regret not to have understood his talk in more detail. But this was a useful experience to know that how he chose this university and how his stay was in Aizu, etc."