The International Talk was held at the Global Lounge, 1F Research

Quadrangles on Thursday, July 11 by "Hello World!", which is a club for cultural exchange between Japanese students and international students. 31 people including Japanese and international students, faculty and administrative staff members joined this event.

Ms. Elise Young (from America) was invited as a speaker. She introduced various attractive aspects of Georgia such as peach, peanut, and Mercer University where she studies at. This International Talk is different from the others as it is the first time that was mainly held by students. They invited the speaker, promoted the event, and made a poster by themselves.

At the Global Lounge, during 12:30~13:20 every Thursday, there is a lunch meeting for Japanese students and international students to interact. You are welcomed to bring your own lunch to join and you may enter and leave as you please. Feel free to come to the Global Lounge.

インターナショナルトークPoster_Photo1.png インターナショナルトークPhoto2.JPG インターナショナルトークPhoto3.JPG インターナショナルトークPhoto4.JPG