This is for your information about the Short-Term Study Abroad Program.

In AY2022, the Short-Term Study Abroad Program was finally resumed and 12 students studied abroad in the U.S. and New Zealand. Many of the students commented that they were able to feel growth through various experiences, that they lost their fear of English, and that they wanted to further improve their English skills. We are planning to offer a 3-week overseas short-term study abroad program this year as well. We will hold the information session for the program on the following dates. If you are interested in studying abroad or considering a short-term study abroad, please join us.

*Please accept that the explanatory meeting will be held in Japanese only.

Schedule of information session◆

October 4th (Wed.): 7th and 8th periods, 15:10-16:50

・October 11th (Wed.): 5th and 6th periods, 13:20-15:00

Venue: Classroom M8 in Lecture Hall

*The contents will be the same for both, so please join on the day which is convenient for you.

*If you are unable to attend, please contact us.

◆Content of the session ◆

  1. Outline of Study Abroad Program AY2023 (duration, cost, GEG classes, etc.)
  2. Introduction of sending universities: Waikato College (New Zealand), Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (U.S.A.)
  3. Report on the experiences of students who participated in the AY2022 program
  4. Application for short-term study abroad programs
    5. JASSO Scholarship
  5. Q&A and poster sessions with the students who participated in the AY2022 program

□■□■□Contact to:□■□■□

If you have any questions or concerns about studying abroad, please feel free to contact us.

International Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division

Office hours: 8:3017:00

E-mail: i-sad@u-aizu.ac.jp

Contact person: Takeda