A Ph.D student of the University of Aizu, Mr. Dmitry Vazhenin (supervised by Professor Mirenkov at UoA), has returned from Italy where for about five months he was involved in joint research activity with Professor Paolo Bottoni at the University of Rome (Sapienza). He made a presentation at the Department of Informatics seminar and jointly submitted a paper to an international conference in the USA. His staying in Italy was organized by CSIP of University of Aizu and supported by a special scholarship awarded by JASSO foundation.

Study Report

Left: Professor Bottoni
Right: Mr. Vazhenin

That was a good opportunity for me to visit the Sapienza University, one of the famous and oldest universities in the world. That was good experience to participate in research project, share and exchange cultural knowledge and, of course, enjoy Rome. I've found Italy as a very friendly, exciting, relatively cheap and very beautiful country. Also, there are a lot of Russian and Japanese tourists, so I'd never feel to be too far away.