I have been to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (henceforth as Rose) as an exchange student for three months. I had already stayed at Rose as a global gateway student before this experience, but I was shocked by my insufficient English skill at that time, so I had to challenge improving my English ability after the study abroad program. Rose adopts the quarter system, and the class is advanced in 50 minutes, but the class requiring advanced knowledge as well as a large amount of homework. I was feeling that as if I were always chased my back by homework. Since finished taking courses, I felt the quality of the classes were wonderful because the knowledge was unforgettable what I have learned.

I took three classes: Introduction to Embedded Systems and DC circuit, Introduction to Short Fiction. The first one, Introduction to Embedded System was understanding the specification of the PIC microcomputer in the class, then we carried out the weekly project. In final project, we devised what we want to make, design it, reported the progress on a report and finally announced the our work. This class was famous for high degree of difficulty and busyness among Rose students. In the DC circuit course, it was a very courteous lesson to proceed with the calculation of the DC circuit because the professor of this course would show how calculate one by one. We were also requested lab work and report submission on a weekly basis. Introduction to short story was focusing on a reading and comprehending about American short stories every day and discussing in the classroom. It was the active lesson. The distance between professors and students were very close. I often saw scenes of showing jokes and talking about video games or sports games with students. I also had an impression that the professors had enough office hour, so I felt free to ask for help. Since there are some students who are called tutors to help assignments, I think that there is no chance of stucking in study. I had my tutor correct my English pronunciation.

After school on Friday, beginning of a weekend, music sound through in the dormitory: cheerful time. I also played in the room with the international students who were particularly good with each other, I went to the party, or went somewhere by someone's car. Especially it is a good memory to have traveled to Florida even though we faced in trouble while traveling. I still keep in touch with my friends I met during the study abroad. I may go on a trip again with them in the future.

I have learned lots of things through this study abroad. Just visiting is the best although there are differences among each person's feeling. If you are worrying about that you do not have enough skill to go abroad, you should begin something with familiar. Even I have applied for exchange student but failed once, I decided to continue. In the second time, I was succeed. There was one thing what I felt over there, most people loved their own country. It is important to look overseas, but I think it is important to be the way you are. Be proud of your country and culture where you come from. This experience had a big impact on my future choice. I would like to use this experience for advancing to a new way. Thank you to everyone who supported me.


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