A student of University of Aizu (UoA) had two-weeks short-term Oversea Programs in Dalian, China with UoA's short-term Overseas Study Programs [DalianFukushima University-Business Collaboration IT Human Research Project] in AY 2016.

Here is the report of his research and daily life in China

A detailed information for the program:



  • Mr. Tatsuki Otake (a second-year student)

In DNA program, I attend some class in University and ALPINE's internship. In University, I attend to Chinese class. At first, I didn't understand Chinese. But Thank to Korean student who attend this lecture, I took all Chinese class lecture. In addition to this, I attend to many other class in University. Thorough the attending to some class, I was very surprised because many student study very actively, so I think that to study actively is very important. In the ALPINE's internship, I saw many department in ALPINE company. Through this internship, I could know that there are many process to make one process. In addition to this, manufacturing some product need to safety not only specification but also user-friendly or safety, so I think that test process is very important to make to make product better. Finally through this internship, I had changed my image for China. Before I went to China, I had many negative image for China because of many negative TV news. But I knew many Chinese culture and many good point for China. I want to my University life more fullness to make use my experience.