Here are their reports of their research and daily life in USA.


  • Mr. Soki Uchida (a first-year student)
  • Mr. Takuma Haruguchi (a second-year student)
  • Mr. Aki Nakamura (a first-year student)
  • Mr. Yuki Usui (a third-year student)
  • Mr. Yoshinori Fujii (a third-year student)
  • Mr. Masaki Kanto (a first-year student)
  • Mr. Hayato Kato (a first-year student)
  • Ms. Yuka Sakai (a first-year student)
  • Mr. Shoichi Ichimura (a third-year student)
  • Mr. Ryota Kuribayashi (a first-year student)

Grade during the program

Study Report

Soki Uchida (a first-year student)

I could undergo the study of computer science, improvement of my language study, cross-cultural experience, trip to Chicago and Indianapolis and so on in this program. I took the Database class, the Computer System class and the Software class as study of computer science. I could learn about the advanced technologies like system of computer and so on. I can't learn about these in Japan. In addition to these, in the outside of classes, I went to Chicago and Indianapolis, exercise in the gym called SRC, get invited to a dinner and ate out with the students in RHIT. Through these experiences, I communicated with the people and became to be used to the conversations. I had to speak English, because the students in RHIT. They was different from Japanese situations. When I came to RHIT, I was afraid of speaking English at first. But I became able to communicate with a lot of people because I practiced by using English. I could undergo many things including language and culture. I could find out the problems thorough this experience. I want to learn a lot in order to achieve the problems.

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Takuma Haruguchi (a second-year student)

I took part in the short-term study abroad program at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana, the US, for 3 weeks from March 5, 2017. The aim of the program was to impose a kind of test on me, and the test was to check whether I can adapt myself to a graduate school in the future.

About a lecture, I thought that the educational environment of the university was very high. First, instructions were well designed. For example, some professors made a joke in a class, and other set aside the time for discussions in order to hold the attention of the students or help them understand. Second, professors arranged office-hour at which they are asked by a student. It seemed that every professor set a half of the week as office-hour.

Attending lectures, I took the English program for foreign students such as writing a blog every day, making an interview video, group conversation at least twice a week, a presentation for introducing Japanese culture, and so on. I acquired two fruitful insights in these activities. First of all, I developed "positive attitude" to try to communicate in English. In other words, I understood that it is important to make a quick response in even broken English to keep communication flow. Second, I again realized that kindness is important. Roommates and mentor-students for foreign students were very kind and their response in English was slow. On the other hand, some cashiers outside the campus had little such consideration, so it upset me. For good communication, I realized that warm attitude was important, and it is necessary not to take a dry attitude.

As a result, these experiences told me that it is possible for me to pass the aforesaid test if I solve a certain problem. The problem is to improve listening ability since I have to keep up with professor's speaking as normal speed for a native speaker in a class. Lastly, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank for all people who helped me about the program, especially roommates and mentor-students. I really appreciate them.

haruguchi01.jpg Classwork haruguchi02.jpgThe blanks are office-hour

Aki Nakamura (a first-year student)

I stayed at Rose Hulman Institute of Technology for 3 weeks. There were a variety of events and the time went fast. We took classes, too. I was surprised the differences about levels and the way of thinking. It is because we did some contents, which we had done in University of Aizu for a week, with only one class. The students have a lot of homework and everybody works hard. The students inspire me a lot.

About English, I felt that I need a variety of skills. Even if I can listen to somebody, if I cannot speak well, I cannot communicate with him. And some teachers whose mother tongue is English speak very fast so I need not only to listen but also to think about the context and watch the body language of the speakers.Through this experience, I felt the lack of my English skills, and I thought that I have to study hard.


Yuki Usui (a third-year student)

I could not go study abroad when I was freshman. This is because I didn't prepare for the study abroad. After then I studied English hard like TOEIC, communicating international students at Aizu. I applied for short-term overseas program. I was often said "why do you go study abroad now?" by some company members. I answered "Because there are things I want to achieve". I had three purposes.

First, 'How do oversea student who go to university same as UoA think about working?'.Second, 'What differences are there between Japanese education and oversea education?'.Third, 'To show my English skill which I had studied in Japan so far. And I wanted to find new things. Then thinking next steps'.

We went to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana, USA. This program is awesome. Because communication between UoA and RHIT was so good. We were prepared a lot of event. Actually, purpose of this program were "To listen classes" and "Communication with other countries".

I listened three classes as RHIT. It was hard for me to hear English at classes. Although I recorded class and I listen to it, I could not understand talking about class well. I particular can't hear what student said and teacher said in Q&A time. I thought I have to practice to hear English.In class, I thought there isn't big different between UoA and RHIT. However, I was surprised style of class and will of students. Students were in classes less than 30. They asked teacher a lot of question. Teacher answered them seriously. I made sense this is "common" class at USA.

We often had to communicate with RHIT student. At first, I could not talk well because I didn't talk English well in Japan. I wanted to tell my feeling in spite of not coming English up. They helped me talking. I asked them about finding job so that I got used to living at RHIT. A student said "I don't think about it because I will enter graduate to study more". Another person said "I want to find job which is connected to my studies". I knew it is important to graduate university in USA. Of course, There are a lot of memory with RHIT people like having meal, talking about own country, playing game, sports.

If I had went study abroad when I was freshman, I should have not gotten such experience. I got a lot of things about English study. I decided to study English for talking more. However, I got precious experiences without English. If I had gotten it, I would have thought different school life plan. This experience is definitely plus (+) in my life. It was super awesome. Finally, Thank you for all people cooperate me at UoA. Thank you for all people cooperate me at RHIT.

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Yoshinori Fujii (a third-year student)

This experience gave me a different view of seeing and way of thinking. Before going to America, I thought most of American are not so humble and short-temper compare to Japanese people but actually, it was wrong. They always respect others and They are polite for people, there are few people who are not so nice to a stranger. And another thing which I was surprised is the size of everything, urinal, chair, table, cars, people and so on. I noticed that I had been living a small world.

As next subject, let me explain American's mind. They really proud of their product. One of the examples is a car. Some typical American want to have expensive cars like Corvette, GTR, or Ferrari because that makes them stand out as a rich person. And they really obsessed with beauty. They think their beauty is made from their health. So they do work out or exercise more than Japanese. Women try to make their body slim and having a little muscle, Men their body having big muscles. On the other hand, we are Japanese, men and women, think our beauty is made from making up. As the end of their mind, I am going to explain their favorite sports. American people really like basketball and American football. If you say football as the meaning of soccer in front of them, They probably would try to correct your English. In America, football means American football. It doesn't mean soccer.

Finally, I am going to explain their uniqueness. Have you heard the phrase "How it is going?"? This phrase is used so often as the first word instead of saying "How are you?" when people meet. This phrase is kind of greed, already you know. So there is a question. If they use "How it is going?" instead of using "How are you", when they say "How are you?" or even they use "How are you?". The answer I got from my American friend also he is my room-mate. They say "How are you?" in business or a certain polite situation ,or against their boss.

That's the part of things I learnt in America. I'm really think I'm a lucky person since I have this precious experience. If I have chance to go to America, I want to do that.


Masaki Kanto (a first-year student)

During this stay, I lived in the dormitory and took three classes. I was really anxious before starting the stay, but I could be relax just in one day because my roommates and coordinator were really kind and funny. I spent very good weekends because the students who are called mentor took me a lot of places,specific place in U.S and American restaurant.The most memorable thing is the trip to Chicago. I felt like being the movie because of the views which I've never seen. and a mentor who is from Chicago took me the Pizzeria. It was absolutely the best pizza ever. After that we visited the museum of science+industry chicago. After entering the building, I soon found the artificial tornado.It made me surprise.

It is a little bit difficult to perfectly understand the class because the classes have a lot of terms. But, if you have finished the First year of University of Aizu, you maybe do well in the class. The teachers are very kind and their pronunciations are really clear. These helped me. When I visit their office to ask some questions, they kindly taught me.By the way, I had the birthday during the stay. My roommates gave me the birthday cake. I was so glad and excited. These are really valuable experiences.

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Hayato Kato (a first-year student)

I had reason why I wanna go to study abroad. First, I want to know what foreign student study and how they study. I had not been interested in studying abroad, but after taking the class called "" I was interested in studying abroad. Because I didn't have English skill better than other student, I had trouble of talking with foreign students. But I didn't want to disappear positiveness, so I talked with a lot of rose-hulman student. It was different from Japan that rose-hulman student talked to me courteously who met in the first time. I could contact by not speaking but exercise. Actually, When I was asked question, I said "OKOK", so my name was OKOK. There were a lot of things I didn't know for example logic and Java. But I asked question to rose-hulman student, and I could understand. There were a lot of things which I thought It was not good and it went far beyond imagination. I was happy because I could go to abroad.

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Yuka Sakai (a first-year student)

I studied at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for three weeks. I wanted to improve my English skill by study abroad and wanted to know foreign cultures. I spent time attending classes or communicating with students at the student dormitory in America. All the students seemed to be busy, but they was excited to have a party at the weekend. I was surprised that American parties are different from Japanese ones, and it is no problem to play games and to talking with playing music at night. I sometimes felt lonely in an unfamiliar environment in the first week. However, the local students tried to understand my poor English, so I gradually became less anxiety and got used to speaking in English. There is a facility called "Learning Center" in the university, where we could learn English from the local students at the university. In addition, some students taught us English, so we could learn native pronunciation, grammar and so on. I went to a city to go sightseeing on holiday, I felt every day in America by in a blink. Although I thought it was a fun three weeks, I realized importance of learning English again because there were many scenes that I felt frustrated without understanding words, and I thought that I want to learn English properly from now on. However, it was a precious stay for three weeks that I understood many things I hadn't feel in Japan, such as culture and way of thinking.

Shoichi Ichimura (a third-year student)

I went to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana, USA in the spring vacation of my college for a short period of study.While studying abroad, there were plenty of opportunities to speak with native speakers, but I thought "Will I make a mistake...?" "Will I tell funny English...?". I was thinking about speaking perfectly, so I could not talk enough. However, one of the students told me "Even if you make a mistake about 5, 60%, we can understand because we are English professional!" Thanks to that, I decided not to think I talk perfectly, but to learn how to talk to.

Also, before studying abroad I studied hard to memorize phrases which can be used for many scene, for example phrases which can be used at cafes, restaurants, expressions during lessons, and so on. But actually after I studied abroad, it is certainly important to memorize such expressions, but I felt it is more important to tell my feelings to other. For example, even if you remember phrases which can be used in a restaurant, the opportunity to use it is only ordering or accounting. Because going to a restaurant with friends is not to talk with a waiter but to chat with friends and eat together. It is more common to talk about "This dish is great!" or "Where are you going to eat usually?" rather than "Can I have salad, pizza and iced tea". After I noticed it, I had studied to remember many phrases which could be used for chatting. Such phrases could be used for anyone, not only friends but also teachers and people who I meet for the first time. And as I can use it and make myself understood many times, it will be unforgettable, so I got confidence and I'm getting better at talking.

Though it was short for three weeks, I think it changed my thoughts and values significantly. If you are planning to study abroad or if you are interested in it, I recommend you study abroad. It should be a good chance to discover something.

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Ryota Kuribayashi (a first-year student)

There are many things that I felt while participating in overseas short-term study abroad this time, but I would like to introduce items that I realized in particular. First of all, English output is very difficult. There are many opportunities to practice reading, writing and listening in regular classes and elementary and middle high school classes, but speaking is not practiced so much and I can understand what the local people are saying I realized strongly that I could not respond easily. However, the local people and the roommate positively talked to me and it was not perfect in the last week of study abroad, but the conversation came to be properly established. Secondly, learning environment is in place. We were living in a dormitory at the RHIT, but local students studied at lounges and halls, there was a white board on the corridors where they discussed discussion contents and active learning was done. Thirdly, I am to play not only study. RHIT has a very big gym, where he gathered people at night and made basketball, volleyball, futsal and so on. I think that it was able to do very fulfilling exercise, moving the body until midnight, and I was able to make natural conversations during the game, which led to improved communication skills. Through this study abroad I thought that I was able to participate in many exciting experiences and was really good. I would like to experience and fully use it in future life instead of finishing.

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