Three students of University of Aizu (UoA) had three-weeks short-term Oversea Programs in Dalian, China with UoA's short-term Overseas Study Programs [DalianFukushima University-Business Collaboration IT Human Research Project] in AY 2014.

Here are their reports of their research and daily life in China

A detailed information for the program:


  • Mr. Yuki Iguro (a third-year student)
  • Ms. Misato Morino (a third-year student)
  • Ms. Kaori Yatsu (a first-year student)

Grade during the program

Study Report

Yuki Iguro (a third-year student)  

I participated in DNA Program because I had been interested in the style of study in China and I wanted to experience overseas internship. As personal impression I thought that Chinese people study hard and thoroughly, so I wanted to know the attitude to study in Chinese students. I also thought that this program is good chance to experience to work overseas because this opportunity is not much.

Schedule in Dalian was taking classes in the morning, lunch, and internship in the afternoon. When I attended Japanese language class, students were active and voluntary. It was impressive that each student speaks loudly in speaking training. According to local students, they study in a library in holidays to pass Japanese Language Proficiency Test. I was overwhelmed by their strong desire to study. Furthermore, first year students have to study by themselves from 7 o'clock until the starting time of morning class and from the end of afternoon class until 21 o'clock. I surprised they study in such hard environment.

In the afternoon internship, I listened to explanation of job description such as planning, developing, designing, manufacturing, and testing of car navigating devices. I experienced the part of the job through watching and touching products. It was a precious opportunity to know the flow of manufacturing.

My impression of China changed significantly, aside from the purpose of participating. Before going to China I had an image that strong-willed people are the majority. However, I found a lot of people in Dalian are so kind and friendly. Actually, some are shy, and some like a joke, there are many kinds of people. I found an individual person is similar to that in Japan, it was a significant gap compared with before.

DNA Program is good chance to know the truth in China comparing with own impression, not only experience overseas internship. If you are interested in China, I would like to recommend this program.

photo_Iguro (DNA).jpg

Misato Morino (a second-year student)

When I applied to DNA program, my parents didn't allow me to go to China and we had a dispute by telephone. Eventually they gave up persuasion and said "Do whatever you want", then I stayed in China for two weeks by signature on a pledge. I had some reasons to go to China until then, the biggest one of them was that I wanted to improve the present situation, image of Japan and China is worse each other by mass media and so on.

I know my Chinese friends do not have anti-Japanese feeling or commit breach of manners and they're kinder than Japanese people. I wondered why people have no good impression against China like my parents. I thought I should go to China and get the information about what China is like, difference between Japan and China, what people think of Japan.

In an internship, we visited each department and had explanation about what they are in charge of. Sometimes we could touch the products or test products. We also went to a factory in 金州 for trying out. At ALPINE which has branch all over the world, we learned about responsibility and duty to work at a global company.

The university where we stayed (東軟信息学院) was ten times larger than our University of Aizu, but they said it's smaller so I was surprised. Chinese students were really more diligent than Japanese students, they could speak Japanese very well like Japanese people even they learned for only three years. They said "We studied hard because we love Japan". When they were freshman and sophomore, they stayed at university from 7:30 to 20:30 for classes and study self, they said. I thought Japanese students should imitate their attitude.

On holiday or after the internship, we had exchange culture with Chinese students. We had a common topic like our major or cartoons, and we still continue our communication by the Internet. Through this program, I got some finding and self-examination, for example, responsibility to work in global society, how I felt about China with myself, my attitude toward my study. I will make myself develop by this experiences and I should contribute to improve Japanese image against China

photo_Morino (DNA).jpg

Kaori Yatsu (a first-year student)

I participated in two weeks study abroad program and internship at Dalian Neusoft University of Information in Dalian City in China. It was the first time for study abroad and internship for me, but I was very stimulated by this experience.

The first, my attitudes toward China was changed. Before going to study abroad I did not have good image to China. But I went to Dalian, everyone was just good people, so I became embarrassed.

Second, we had soldering experience at intern destination, Alpine, now I think I want more e-work and it's fun than I thought.

And third, I became aware of the differences between Japanese and Chinese culture. Japanese think personal space is very important, but in China they think it important to share something with everybody.

At the beginning, I was not used to the custom but I was able to become friends with them immediately.

I want to continue to participate in various exchanges from now as well as reflect on the narrowness of my field of view through this study abroad.

photo_Yatsu (DNA).jpg