This program was held at British Hills, a facility in Fukushima Prefecture, with the aim of fostering excellent human resources with an international perspective by providing training in an environment as close to an overseas country as possible, as a starting point for future short- and mid-term dispatches.
Here are some comments from the students who participated in the program, including their classes and their future goals.

1. Ms. ADACHI Fuka (a first-year student) 2. Ms. SAKAMAKI Anri (a first-year student) 3. Ms. SATO Chihiro (a first-year student)
4. Ms. MATSUBARA Toko (a first-year student) 5. Mr. MURAKAMI Ayato (a first-year student) 6. Mr. USHIRO Shogo (a first-year student)
7. Mr. HAYAFUJI Fumiaki (a first-year student) 8. Ms. TERUSHIMA Haruki (a second-year student) 9. Mr. TAKEDA Ryotaro (a second-year student)
10. Ms. HAYASHI Jri (a second-year student)


1. Ms. ADACHI Fuka (a first-year student)

I have many experiences in this program. I learned an important thing. That is the way to communicate with other people.

First, I realized that aggressiveness is so important. Actually, I'm shy and don't have confidence myself. So, I hesitated to talk to others for foreigners as well as Japanese especially in the beginning. But some student was not. She all time talk to others. She all time have curiosity. I thought her attitude is perfect and I want to communicate with more people like her. If I didn't take part in this program, I don't think like that.

Second, we had several class in British Hills. For example, critical thinking, British sports, Table manner and so on. We have to speak English when we talk with teachers. Class of business experience is more impressive for me. In that class, we make pair groups and make a presentation of product we devise. I heard some ideas of product. All of them enrich our daily lives. So, I was impressed that what good ideas are they. Moreover, everyone introduces about product so sincerely. Everyone didn't afraid to speak English and being given critical opinions. I was moved by member's' enthusiasm to move someone.

Third, in the zoom meeting with Rose-Hulman's student. Some student said me "You don't have to worry about your English skill. Just talk." I was helped by that word. And they listened to us carefully. I felt like warms my heart. Having conversation with same generation people in other country is precious in general. So, I'm thank to the program.

Through this program, I understand the most important thing is the attitude trying to have conversation even if I don't have confidence of myself. I want to be more aggressive person. The only few days passed after the program, I'm feeling different now than the past. I thank you for the program, teachers and my friend.

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2. Ms. SAKAMAKI Anri (a first-year student)

I learned a lot from this experience. I'll write about two things. First is about what we have learned and the second is about what we are going to do.

I would like to write three things about the former. First, I leaned it is important English for conversation more than English for study. I thought English grammar is important before go to British hills. So, I could not speak British hills teacher because I am hesitated my English. But I am glad I didn't care. English is luggage, not study. I leaned I can make mistake. No one gets mad at me if I make a mistake in English. I leaned that communication requires passion and positivity. Second, I leaned I need assertiveness. I couldn't say "Hi" or "Hello" because I thought whether they are bothering me or I can continue conversation after greeting. But the foreign teacher spoke to me, so I was glad then. I had been feeling self-conscious about speaking English, but I leaned that if I went out of my way to speak to people more aggressively, they would be more willing to talk to me. In practice, I talked Ms. T or other people. But I'm sorry. I don't know how to spell their name. Third, there is no need to use difficult words. If I don't know word, I can be rephrased into simple words.

Next, I would like to write two things about the latter. First, I thought I study more English. This trip was a lot of fun, but also very frustrating. There were many situations where I couldn't have a conversation because I didn't know the words or how to say them. And in last product presentation class, I couldn't speak anything. In addition, I could speak presentation with Rose-Holman student in zoom because I had preparation. But after presentation, in free talk time, I couldn't understand their saying because I couldn't hear and know. So, I was very frustrated. I want to become people who can take communication and presentation. That's why I started to go to speaking English school. Second, I want to study more words. In both Japanese and English, if I do not have a good vocabulary, I will not be able to express my own opinions when speaking. So, I will try to remember many words. And to learn English for live, I will watch movie or listen music with English.

Finally, I will never forget the nine friends who helped us on this trip. We would talk together in the middle of the night, or all 10 of us would go to a pub and play UNO. I think I enjoyed this trip so much because I was one of the 10 friends on this trip. So, I like my friends. I will study even harder with my friends to prepare for international exchange and study abroad! Thank you very much for this opportunity!!

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3. Ms. SATO Chihiro (a first-year student)

I had a lot of experience through the British Hills.

First of all, we had many opportunities to talk to foreigners. At first, it was difficult for me to talk to them by myself. But they were very kind, friendly and tried to listen me. So, I could try to talk to them in English. Especially in classrooms and the pub, I talked with many foreigners. In classroom, we talked about our university, my future dream and so on. I was happy to be able to talk about serious topics that I don't normally talk about.

Second, we learned many kinds of British culture. For example, I learned table manners. I had been interested in it, but this was my first time, so I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the snooker lesson, too. Snooker is a kind of British traditional sports and it looks like billiards. It was also a new experience for me, but I was happy to win the match. By the way, we were told that snooker stands are very expensive. So, I was a bit scared to play.

Finally, I attended many lessons in English. The Let's Start Business and Critical Thinking classes were particularly memorable. In both lessons we were expected to actively participate. For example, we have held trials and made presentations. During the presentation on the last day, we were very happy to receive a lot of positive feedback on our ideas.

Through the time at British Hills, I have felt growing myself. This experience is something that I can't do alone. All the members who took part together had their own goals and it was very inspiring. I will continue to strive for more growth.

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4. Ms. MATSUBARA Toko (a first-year student)

We went to British hills. So, I could spread my thought. We usually use Japanese but then, we used English. I thought that the environment is very very important that everyone use English. Even if we can't speak well, we try. That's so good. If we couldn't use word, we tried to tell using gesture and another word. By doing so they understand. We learn we don't have to use correct. We had confidence so we speak to everybody, and we made a lot of friends. So, I'll tell you what I want to tell you the most.

First, to be honest, there were only nice people. They can try new things, ask something we don't understand, work together, and help each other. Nobody tries to monopolize. We try to share everything we think fun. So, we became gooood friends. I have never experienced this before.

To tell you my story, I like to communicate. I'm curious and fearlessly. Therefore, I often act on my own. I think that is my nice character. However, in the past, people used to say bad things because of it. They say "You can, but I can't. You and I are different". I was treated as if I were a freak when I had curious. But, this teammate said me "Your curious is great. You begin anything so we are easy to do." From my point of view, even If I begin anything alone, you came me, so I was not alone. I was so happy that. (Because I often try anything alone.) By working seriously on the environment in which everyone spoke English, we aimed for the same heights, and they were important elements of each other's growth.

To sum up, people who want to study abroad don't look down on each other or envy each other. Because they move themselves. If they think to want, they do. They know trying is so fun! If there is like me, go ahead, Try everything! Then, you will meet the best people. Like I could.

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5. Mr. MURAKAMI Ayato (a first-year student)

Program of British Hills give me a lot of opportunity. I speak English and experience different culture from Japan. I decided participating in this program because I wanted to learn different culture and improve my speaking skill. But I was filled with anxiety before I actually participate in this program because I didn't have confident about my English. But I was able to find that it's important to try to talk anyway in English even if I don't have confident through this program. I'd like to mention two impressive activity here.

First activity is classes of chess and snooker. I've never played chess and snooker. So I never knew how to play and those rule at all until teachers tell me there. But I was able to enjoy not only those but also communication with teacher by going to ask about what I didn't understand. After those class, I talked about chess, snooker, Japanese food, anime, etc. I had a great time experiencing different cultures game and having many conversations. I learned importance and knew how fun to talk anyway.

Second activity is class called "Critical Thinking". In this class, we think whether giving information is really right and to talk about this. Honesty I was very frustrated because I have a lot of things I want to say but I couldn't know how to say that in English. I thought I have to study English and to speak English in order to being able to talk about what I want to say more freely. This activity has become a good motivation for me to study English.

Through this program, I thought I want to speak English more smoothly and freely, learn different culture more than what I am. To archive that goals, I'd like to continue study English and participate in other programs. I'm very happy to participate in this program. Thank you for reading.

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6. Mr. USHIRO Shogo (a first-year student)

British Hills program was so much fun for me. It was great opportunity to learn British culture and practice speaking English.

At first, I did not know almost all the people who join this program but through this program, I could make many best friends.

I was impressed to British Hills class. Before I took the classes I thought the class is like a normal English class but it was different to my thought.

All teachers are so much kind and have their unique class. I learned a lot of things like a snooker, critical thinking, chess, making a business, and so on. I also learned table manners and a lot of things about British culture. I think all of these classes will be useful in the future.

British Hills was also good place to practice speaking English. All the staff talk to us in English and almost all the items were written in English. I felt I was abroad. This is the first time to experience that I do all the things in English. I felt very refreshes.

There is a place named a pub which is my favorite place. Pub is like a bar. We went pub every day after dinner. Pub has many games like a chess, darts and so on. We talked and played games so much with drinks. It was so much fun. It was my precious memories.

British Hills dishes were also good. British Hills restaurant is buffet style.

I enjoyed this British Hills so much. If I can, I want to go British Hills again.

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7. Mr. HAYAFUJI Fumiaki (a first-year student)

There are three lessons that I thought it is particularly interesting in this program.

The first lesson is the critical thinking class. In this class, we learned RAVEN method and thought about how to solve the issue more accurately and logically with evidence. RAVEN method stands for five tools in order not to think biasedly: Reputation, Ability to see, Vested interest, Expertise, and Neutrality. In the last lesson, we discussed a fiction case like a court trial using RAVEN method. The discussion was very exciting for me, but it was a little bit difficult for me to explain the evidence to prove the suspect is innocent. After taking this lesson, I noticed how I was biased when I was thinking. And I thought I want to use this method when I think about something. Because nowadays, there is too much information to we can't analyze due to SNS and mass media. So, I think this skill is important and useful not to be confused by a lot of fake information.

The second lesson is the business experience class. In this class, we learned how to make a good business and a successful company like "GAFA". We taught that successful companies satisfy four points: good product, customer demand, cost and profit balance, and promotion. Before I took this class, because we can't predict future demand, I thought luck decides a company's successes and a company's failures. But, I learned the company's success is not only decided by future demand from this lecture. And I thought the company's mission statement is also an important part of a successful company. Also, we learned how to promote our business idea to invest by investors. In the last lecture, we promoted the business idea that we came up with in the second lecture. It was difficult for me to explain our idea clearly in English. What is more, other UoA students' questions about our idea are very core, so I was impatience. I think this experience is very valuable. Because in university, I can't learn about how to make a successful company, and unless I start a business, I can't experience giving a business presentation in a tense air.

The third lesson is "advertising in the media". In this class, we learned three structures that most TV advertisements are based on: message-driven, product-focused, and character-based. And we taught these advertisements appeal to peoples' ethos(trust), pathos(emotion), and logos(logic). Before I took this lesson, I had never watched TV advertisements so deeply, and I hadn't known how it was made. So, when TV advertisements are coming on, I want to watch them carefully and think about which structures are based on the next time.

There is new three interesting knowledge that I learned about British culture. The first knowledge is many common sports in Japan and World were born in the UK. Such as tennis, baseball, and football. I was very surprised about it. Because I thought these various types of sports were born in other countries.

The second knowledge is when I drop cutlery, picking up them is a breach of manner. I hadn't known this action is a breach of manner, so that's an interesting point for me.

The third knowledge is the UK culture is not only created by the UK own but also by many other countries. For example, we taught some traditional British furniture in the British hills designed in France, India, and Russia. I think it is very interesting.

I could learn many things and could have many valuable experiences through this program. All of the lessons were interesting for me. Also, I can be confident in speaking English in front of people and I can hear English more easily than before I participated in the program. I'll never forget this experience in my life. And I'll utilize this experience when I study abroad.

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8. Ms. TERUSHIMA Haruki (a second-year student)

The big reason why I wanted to apply for this program was to revenge on the program last year. I really wanted to improve my English skill last year. However, because or Covid-19's situation, we were able to go on just 1 day and not sure if our skill lever were improved. In this time, I knew most members were 1st grades in this program. But my thought to get English skill outweighed, so I decided going to British Hills.

My big impression is unnecessary care to be worry. Actually, I had a big consideration not to be able to communicate well because of grades. However, all members were so kind and I had't been care after finishing 1st day. In the final day, we were friends and my first purpose "talking with stranger and get communication" was achieved. Especially, at the pub, we played UNO with no Japanese. In this game, we experienced same and out friendship became strongly. All classes were exciting us even if we taught in just English. I introduce an impressing class. My best one is critical thinking class. We used Raven; Reputation, Ability to observe, Vested interests, Expertise, Neutrality to discuss from different points of view. In my case, I had had big concerns to say my opinion because I didn't want to get mistake. However, more and more British hills class were necessary to say our thoughts. In addition, the members and teachers listened carefully each opinion. So, I could express what I thought. In the final class, we were asked to discuss about an injury case to show our forces we got. We were divided 2 groups; one group was defense and other one was offence. We were requested to read and get information exactly and argue down anti group. When discussion was started, all members involved and show what they though. I felt all member's enthusiasms and was impressed a lot. After it, we talked about ourselves and our team work became much higher.

Another impressive one is free time. Of course, all activities made us fun. But also, in the time after the class, we talked much more to each other and asked questions together to teachers. Because of these members, we could do what mentioned above I think. We respected each other, but did't divide line and were naturally. We took pictures and our line album has more than 500 photos. I felt the feeling to leave this memory from this number.

In this program, I leaned importance to use language and have good friends. A bartender from Chile said us the most important things to learn other language is conversation. I believe language is just one tool and we should use correctly. If we can use the tool well, we also can make good friendship. I'll communicate to international students, teachers and others beyond on not only University, but also Japan. Furthermore, I want to improve how to use my best tool. P.s. I'm so thankful for all members, staffs and OSIP.

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9. Mr. TAKEDA Ryotaro (a second-year student)

For me, participating in and experiencing this program was a very big step forward and invaluable. Words cannot fully express the joy of meeting and learning from others who have great ambitions and intentions. I believe that these friends are the ones I will be competing with in friendly competition as I continue to participate in these programs and activities in the future. I am very grateful to this program for giving me the opportunity to meet them.

I love communicating with people in English, and even though my English is not very good, I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I am able to get my message across. At British Hills, I was able to experience this sense of accomplishment on a daily basis. Outside of class time, I would go out to talk to other students and we would all use English together. In the evenings, we all went to pubs together and enjoyed playing English-language games with drinks in hand, having casual conversations, and playing games from other countries, all while forgetting about the time.

Throughout the program, one activity that I found particularly challenging was the presentation included in the Business Experience class. In this activity, pairs of students propose a new product and give a presentation in English about its attractiveness and how much profit it will generate. The ordeal of having to give a presentation in English, which is not easy even in Japanese, was a big obstacle for me. However, strangely enough, I was surprised to see that my speaking and listening skills seemed to have improved compared to the first day of the program, perhaps due to the fact that it was held on the last day of the program.

I met many friends and teachers, and had a variety of fun experiences and learning experiences during my 5 days and 4 nights in British. I did not expect it to be such a fulfilling and intense time. I would like to participate in more activities like this in the future. Thank you very much.

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10. Ms. HAYASHI Jri (a second-year student)

I participated in British Hills program, and I had a variety of experiences during my four nights and five days there. In this English program, there are two lessons which are very informative and one experience which is very enjoyable.

At first, the Critical Thinking class. In this class I learned about the RAVEN method which is the critical thinking by thinking of specific examples and using and discussing. The RAVEN method has five parts: reputation, ability to see, vested interest, expertise, and neutrality. Reputation refers to the credibility of information, Ability to see is the ability to actually see, Vested interest shows to the benefit of giving the information to others, Expertise means to knowledge and confidence in the information, and Neutrality is whether there is bias. I knew this method for the first time, so I used my brain a lot to combine and recall what I had learned, to listen to other people's opinions, and to explain my own ideas. In this class, there was a time when we were divided into the prosecution and defense sides to discuss a certain case, and it was particularly difficult to distinguish between strong and weak evidence and to think about how to strengthen weak evidence.

Second, business experience lesson. I made a presentation to promote the product with a friend of mine. We prepared our presentation thinking how I could best convey the message and get people to invest in our product. In the process of preparation, we were exposed to many English business phrases and learned a lot of new vocabulary and phrases. When presenting our products, we were asked unexpected questions by other students on several times, and it was especially difficult to quickly gather our thoughts and explain them in English. I thought that this experience of preparing and presenting materials in English was very useful in introducing Japan to the students of the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Third, I played UNO with my friends in pub. Since we communicated only in English, English phrases came naturally to me after the game was over. This experience was so much fun and a good one. In the pub, I talked with staffs in English. They recommend me butter beer and non-alcohol cocktail. I tired butter beer for the first time and it was very tasty. Staffs told me about their own countries of origin, so I was able to learn about cultures other than the UK. When I introduce about Japan and what I study at the university, I was a little frustrated because I could not get the words and the ideas how can I say.

At last, I feel that this program has strengthened my ability to speak and listen in English, and to understand the English of others because there were many chances to communicate with not only students of my university but also staffs in English. I also felt that by acquiring these skills, I was able to think about things in English more easily than before I participated in the program.

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