I studied abroad at University of Waterloo in Canada for 7 months supposed by Tobitate! (Leap for Tomorrow) Study Abroad Initiative scholarship.

My activity was research at Robohub, research center for robotics at the university, and developing autonomous driving system at WATonomous, student design team. I stayed in Canada for 2 terms. In first term on research aspect, I developed visual positioning system for magnetically levitated robot at maglev lab. On develop aspect, I develop simultaneous localization and mapping system for autonomous driving car at the student design team. In second term on research aspect, I moved to Robohub and developed object pose detection system on 6 dimension for robot arm. In WATonomous, I promoted to subteam leader because that team's leader recommended me. I developed visualizing tool of high definition map for autonomous driving, also I managed my subteam's teammates. There are some Waterloo students who are very talented on various research field including the field I'm interested in. That university is ideal environment for me because they have exceptional output on research and develop side. I struggled communication in English because I'm not good at English especially while I'm subteam leader.

I struggled to team leader tasks such as managing my subteam's member, meeting with other team's leaders and resolving our conflict. I conform these experience will be precious experience for my career as an engineer.

In Canada, people are so friendly, and they came from various countries, so I could hear their country's life style, good place for sightseeing, economic problem and so on. Nobody is racist, and everyone are equal, and Canadian proud of that diversity. I was really impressed with that.

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Photo 1:Team leaders of WATonomous at Auto Drive Challenge at 2nd year competition.

Photo 2: Our autonomous driving car at Auto Drive Challenge 2nd year competition