I have spent half a year (Aug. 28, 2019 - March 5, 2020) at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (RHIT).

In the winter term, I took an English course, major courses, and an anthropology course on Japanese society. I learned Japanese customs and problems which contemporary Japan is facing from the American perspective. I had opportunities to discuss in the class once a week, and I and my classmates had rich conversations. I could learn and consider about Japan in a new perspective which I did not notice from the perspective of "Japanese".

After I had three weeks in winter term, I had two weeks of Christmas break. I went to New York and I joined a new year's party with my friend's family. I had a lot of fun there playing role playing games for over four hours. It was a good break from academics.

Throughout this program, my English, tech, and communication skills were improved. Furthermore, I became more active. At first, I was reluctant to speak in my classes. But as I tried, I became more willing to speak in class. I could make friends by joining some events. By taking actions without being afraid, I learned many new things and participated in new experiences. I will keep trying to expand my experiences from now on.

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Products of the team project                 At new year's eve party

Rose-Hulman Institute Technology Mid-Term Study Abroad Program: Mid-term report by Yuya Hoshi on January 10, 2020

I has been studying abroad from August 2019 through March 2020 at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (RHIT). It has been my dream to work abroad since I entered the University of Aizu, so I have worked toward that step by step. Hence, I was sure that this exchange program would be the best way to develop my ability and I decided to take on challenge of this program.

I had a large number of assignments every day, so I was getting overwhelmed with them and I did preparations for classes every night. Since professors assume students to ask their questions every day, RHIT has tutor system to ask questions until 11 pm every day. There are many assignments that is pair work or team projects at RHIT. I developed an arcade game and participated a robot competition with my classmates. Since I didn't have enough English ability for communicating with team members, these activities were challenging for me. I was influenced in many ways by doing these activities. Before that, I had a strong inferiority complex here because of my English ability. But as I discussed a lot and developed with other classmates equally, I gained more confidence. In addition, they were good opportunities for me to learn. For example, I leaned the different way of approaching assignments and pointing out mistakes each other. These are the valuable things because I cannot learn such things with individual assignments.

In English classes, I had interview assignments to ask American students about American traditional events; I could learn not only English, but also American culture. On a different note, I got F and D grades in the first listening and speaking exams. I did not have enough ability to learn here at first. But in the final test, I got B+ grades in both listening and speaking exams; I made a lot of progress in English also.

After the final exam, I had a week break before the winter term started. I stayed at my roommate's house and joined their Thanksgiving party and a little bit early Christmas party with his family.

In the next term, I would like to study more professional courses, and work harder in this great study environment.


Sightseeing in Millennium Park in Chicago