I studied abroad at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology from August to November. I have decided to go there because I would like to improve my engineering and English skills.

I took an orientation with other exchange students for a week. I felt how poor my English is and was in struggle situation about registering courses.

After beginning classes, I had a ton of homework and was going through hectic days. I took web programming, statistic, and two English courses. The number of students in each class is less, and professors and students discussed positively. I was impressed that, and I tried to talk a lot in classes. In an English class, I had many interview assignments to speak English more.

For most of classes, students have team projects. Through these projects, I could improve the skills to divide roles and discuss efficiently.

In this study abroad, I learned importance of talking to various people. I saw many values for this three months. I could expand my world and review my values. I would like to continue to practice diligence.

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 Bonfire at Rose-Hulman                 Having dinner with friends of Rose-Hulman