Name of the Institution: Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information

Duration of Program:1. September 2 - September 15, 2019

Name of students:4 students (◆Mao Murao, ◆Nao Sato, ◆Shinnosuke Yazaki, ◆Kota Teshirogi)

Duration of Program: 2. September 9 - September 22, 2019

Name of students:4 students (◆Satomi Nagata, ◆Ryo Kanazawa, ◆Kosaku Takehana, Yuto Nakajima)

◆Mao Murao (3rd year)

I learned Chinese culture in this study abroad program, and I also learned the importance of experience. I have bad image for China. For example, China is Dictatorship country, bad security, many shoddy goods, Anti-Japan and so on but, I knew that China people are very kind and friendly. I was helped by Chinese students and teachers. I also knew Chinese IT technology. In China, QR code payment is more prevalent than in Japan. All most people use Wechat Pay and Ali Pay. Recently, QR code payments like LinePay and PayPay have begun to spread in Japan, so I think that Japan is behind about cashless system.And also, I could learn about good point of Japan compare with China. I was able to understand once again the wonderfulness of what I use in Japan.

I was able to increase my motivation for learning through this study abroad program. I would like to make the best use of what I learned this study abroad in my university life.

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◆Shinnosuke Yazaki (1st year)

These days, Asian countries are developed more and more. Especially, China has expanded extremely. Then I wanted to see that and joined this program. Actually, China(Dalian) is wealthy place. I confirmed it myself.

My life in Dalian is wonderful because tutor students are very friendly and kind. I was able to live without inconvenience because there are a lot of grocery stores around my dormitory. But students of the university have a strict turn-off time, a rule of go out and early-morning class. Compare to that, Japanese university students' study time is too short.

Dalian have many skyscraper. Land readjustment was well done and there are rich mansions. However, there are poor houses in non-central city. China has big difference between rich and poor. I feel sad.

Surprisingly, public rest room is so dirty, and roads are also dirty. Japan's cleanliness is maintained by the individual mind and efforts of cleaning stuffs.

Also, I surprised that electronic payment spreads widely in Dalian. All stores use that and all generation use that. Japan is behind China.

Thanks to this program, I looked Japan objectively. I want to use this good experience for my future, for Japan and for world.

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◆ Satomi Nagata (3rd year)

I've been to Dalian in China for around 2weeks as study abroad. The purpose of study abroad was to know and experience Chinese IoT and modern culture. Electronic payment is one of my interesting.

I heard about that before taking part this program. But the scale was bigger than I had imagined. Not only cafeteria but also almost store include direct sale store behave electronic payment. Also, surprisingly some people use Segway) in town, though it is prohibited in public road in Japan. The sight was inspiring for me.

In the university, I took Chinese class and experienced traditional cultures such as the process of Chinese tea, Chinese knotting, etc... In Chinese class, I've never learned Chinese from scratch, and Chinese pronunciation was really hard for me. So, that made me feel accomplished.

Exchange with some Chinese university students was important. I could hear their values, their opinion, and life-style. That was interesting because I know already the background of China and organization, and my imagine and the fact was different.

I feel the study abroad and experience of this program is necessary for broaden my perspectives. This study abroad was worth using 3rd year's summer break. Proactively I would like to continue using Chinese. Finally, because of typhoon No.15, it was a long way to join this program. I'm so thankful to all those it may concern.

Thank you.

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◆ Yuto Nakajima (1st year)

I learned many things in abroad for China. There are two reasons. 

First Chinese is different for my idea. I think bad image in China. For example People is strong and City is not grow up. But many people is kind and city is grow up. I learned this real for l went China and l should not decide information that l think only.

Second English is so important. I don't understand Chinese language of all and Chinese people has a little Japanese language so we need to speak English. l knew many Chinese people don.t speak English in communication and when they can speak English, l don't communicate in deep information so l don't connect next situation. I worried this situation. So I learned importance in l can speak English. I was happy to learn many things in China.

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・A Chinese restaurant and dished we visited