Ten students of University of Aizu (UoA) had three-weeks short-term Oversea Programs at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology USA on UoA's short-term Overseas Study Programs for Academic year 2017.

Here are their reports and blogs of their research and daily life in USA. 


  • Mr. Satomi Nagata (a first-year student) Blog
  • Mr. Masato Kanno (a first-year student) Blog
  • Mr. Makoto Takeuchi (a first-year student) Blog
  • Mr. Yuhi Kumagai (a first-year student) Blog
  • Mr. Rion Sato (a first-year student) Blog
  • Mr. Takumi Kondo (a second-year student) Blog
  • Mr. Shigeki Kobayashi (a second-year student) Blog
  • Mr. Shota Nakada (a first-year student) Blog
  • Mr. Reon Kobayashi (a third-year student) Blog
  • Ms. Miyuka Nakamura (a second-year student) Blog

Grade during the program

Study Report

Satomi Nagata (a first-year student)

Going overseas was my first experience this time, so my study abroad program in the USA was fresh and exciting for me.

During my stay in Rose-Hulman, there were not only excursions to Chicago and Indianapolis, but also events that introduced Japan, Japanese cuisine by making Japanese food yourself, Japan's day to experience Japanese things, students' introduction of Japanese culture. There were a presentation and a farewell reception etc. Among them, Japan Day was impressive for me. Mainly, origami and coma(top) experiences and Okinawa' s donuts were served in Japan Day. A lot of people who are interested in Japan came. I also hadn't played with origami for a while, but I was able to break through origami with local people.

Lastly, I don't think especially my English listening and speaking improved in this study abroad program. I think it was good opportunity to notice that using English is fun and to increase motivation for studying English.

1.ローズ_永田p2.jpg 1.ローズ_永田p1copy.jpg

Masato Kanno (a first-year student)

I went to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for study abroad. The main purpose of study abroad was to improve my English, to experience another culture and to take classes in a foreign country.

Firstly, let me describe my English skill. When I arrived at a dormitory, I was taken to my room. When my roommate introduced himself, I couldn't understand his English. However, I have gotten better by talking with people again and again. Although I don't know how much I improved my English, this experience gave me the confidence to talk to foreign people without flinching when I've talked to by them.

Secondly, I think I want to talk about other cultures. The difference of culture I most felt was the food. I ate American food and fast food, Chinese food and Japanese food of America. Especially, Sushi and Chinese food that are made by American were impressive. Besides, there were cooking that has taste and texture I haven't had in Japan. Then, they have free atmosphere and friendly quality. Office worker, house cleaner and the clerk told me their names and talked to me. Such a thing never happens in Japan. Moreover, when I played pool or sports in the gym, somebody talked to me and we played together.

Lastly, it is about classes. I took CSSE and ESL class. I learned Python in CSSE class. Its contents were not difficult because I learned the C language in University of Aizu, but I took a long time to understand question sentences. In an ESL class, there were opportunities for presentation, homework of interview and a lot of English games. It was very fun.

We went through many things like a trip to Chicago and Indianapolis and going to a restaurant with mentors other than these. Then, there were some people who can speak Japanese and other languages, so I was inspired by them. That's why, I also became interested in languages other than English, and then it made me motivated to study. I guess you can go through stimulating experience as you can't in daily life, so if you want to do something in the university, you should join this program.

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Makoto Takeuchi (a first-year student)

I have been studying at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in the USA for three weeks.

There are three reasons why I wanted to study abroad. The first reason was that I was interested in the class system in the USA. Actually, it was different from Japan. In Japan, the teacher gives a lecture and the students listen to it. In the USA, the teacher gives the students tasks, and the students think it. I felt that this type of class is better. I thought that it would be more efficient for students to learn and solve problems.

The second reason was to experience living abroad. America has a different culture from Japan. So, there were many things I was surprised. The biggest thing was the meal. I was accustomed to Japanese food. So, all the dishes taste saltier and sweeter than Japanese ones. Also, the amount of dishes served at restaurant was too large. Sometimes, I could not eat all. In addition, I felt confused about that I had to pay for the tip at the restaurant.

The last reason is to improve English ability. In America, Conversation, reading and writing are all in English. So, I had a lot of opportunities to use English. I think my English ability has risen sharply. Furthermore, I learned a lot of unique English through conversation that I cannot practice much in English classes. Americans pointed out my unnatural English or taught me slang. So, I was able to learn native English a little.

With my study abroad, I received a lot of inspiration and I was able to learn a lot. I would like to take advantage of this experience and make use of it in the future lessons and lives.

3.ローズ_竹内p1.jpg 3.ローズ_竹内p2.jpg

Yuhi Kumagai (a first-year student)

I went to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for a short-term study. The reason why I wanted to join this program was to improve my language skills because I am interested in international cultural exchange.

I experienced various things through my study abroad and I feel I grew up. I think that it was very good that I was able to understand my language level. Except for simple conversation, native English was too fast for me and was difficult to listen. In addition, although I could tell what I wanted to tell, I think that it was close to broken English, and the person I am talking to often managed to understand what I said. In conversations, I could not express myself if I could not understand what the person I am talking to is trying to say. So, I was keenly aware of the importance of listening ability. I think that this experience changed my awareness towards English. In addition, since there were students from various nationalities in Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, I was able to understand the differences in culture between my country and theirs, as well. Thanks to that, I think that my insight was deepened.

With regards to life at the university, it was very good. Since there are students at Rose-Hulman Institute of technology that support us as mentors, there was an environment where we could immediately consult them and solve something whenever we are in trouble. Also, if you can positively talk to someone, you will be able to get along well and I think that you can live a life that is full of joy. Besides that, there are various events on campus, so I think that you can not only improve your English, but also make various memories through them. It was a pleasant study abroad that I thought of not wanting to go back to Japan. I am really pleased to participate in this short-term study abroad.

4.ローズ_熊谷p1.jpg 4.ローズ_熊谷p2.jpg

Rion Sato (a first-year student)

In this exchange program, I could improve my English communication skill. That's not speaking and listening skill, but just communication skill.

So when I talk with English speakers, I will not be afraid of bad-communication now. I think "re-asking" is the most important for me to communicate with English speakers. I'm glad that I got the skill. Also, I could understand that real talking is different from correct grammar like textbook.

However, I couldn't get speaking and listening skills well because exchange term was too short. For my weak point, I think that my vocabulary level was not good enough.
My low vocabulary level didn't make me improve effectively.

In conclusion, I determined that daily study of English is the most effective to improve English because of the above reason.


Takumi Kondo (a second-year student)

I participated in study abroad in America. There were many troubles when I arrived at the destination.I lost my luggage, and I had to go to a hospital to undergo an inspection. So, I felt uneasiness. But, I met with kindness by locals. As a result, my worries had disappeared.

I took a computer class and English class. I learned about the lecture of this computer class in the University of Aizu. But, this class was difficult for me to understand. Because this class was offered in English. But teacher clearly explained to me. So there was no trouble in class. And we learned English while we played games, had conversations, and had a party. And we gave presentations for many times in English class. This was a good opportunity for me.

After class, we did homework, we went to restaurant with students of Rose-Hulman and we played many sports with them. On weekend, we went to Chicago and Indianapolis. And we made Japanese foods. And we went to Jazz concert too. A trip to Chicago is the most impressive in event of weekend. I was very excited. Chicago's pizza was impressive. Because it is very thick, big and delicious.

I feel three weeks is very short. But, I experienced many things. And I learned many things. And I was able to make many friends and memory. I am glad I participated in this study abroad.

6.ローズ_近藤p1.jpg 6.ローズ_近藤p2.jpg

Shigeki Kobayashi (a second-year student)

I studied abroad at Rose Hulman Institute Technology for three weeks. It was a quick three weeks because there were many events.

I was overwhelmed because there are many students who are intelligent and ambitious in rose hulman. They are already intelligent ,but I saw them doing many homework every week and improve their skills. I was stimulated. Concerning English, I couldn't communicate with people in rose smoothly. Even if I can't speak English well, I thought I could still communicate with people before going there, but I couldn't communicate with people in Rose in reality. I joined URC team in rose hulman, and I developed a system that communicates with Ros and lider sensor. I developed the system with people who major in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. It was so important experience because Aizu-univ has only one major. I'll study English and computer science hard.


Shota Nakada (a first-year student)

I learned a lot of things for these three weeks. One of them is the importance of English.

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology which I have been studying abroad is in the United States. Of course, the official language is English. And there were many international students in the university, and they used English to communicate with local students and professors smoothly. Such a spectacle was very dazzling for me, but if I want to communicate with people from other countries, I think I should be able to use English like that. A Chinese student I became a friend with during my study abroad could use Japanese in addition to Chinese and English. Even though they should be busy with their own professional studies, I thought it was really great to study those languages at the same time.

For these three weeks, I realized the improvement of my English skills. But also, I realized my lack of English skills. I think it's far from being able to communicate smoothly in English with native speakers. But now, I have a goal to be able to communicate with people all over the world in English like the students I met in Rose-Hulman. I want to try my best to study English in order to achieve its goals as much as possible.


Reon Kobayashi (a third-year student)

I joined the 3-week short-term study abroad program at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (RHIT) in Indiana, USA. The reason I applied for this program is because I thought that I could expand my possibilities if I could speak English. I thought that the amount of information I can obtain through speaking English is more than the one through speaking only Japanese. My expectation was correct. I thought that it is my favorite thing to get opinions from people by dialogue regardless of language. In addition, although I was poor at English, I was very surprised that the local students understood what I had talked to them. I thought that I like making friends laugh in Japan, but I thought that it was important to speak amusingly with confidence as I was able to make people smile beyond language differences. In addition, I think that I was able to spend these days by gradually making efforts to change "I know what I did not understand" little by little.


Miyuka Nakamura (a second-year student)

In the exchange program, I felt I can't get a chance to speak English if I don't find it. I went to RHIT as one of the exchange students from Univ. of Aizu. So, I usually spent a free time with Japanese friends and mentors who can speak Japanese. Of course, it is not bad to be with Japanese students. Actually, they are precious friends because we can share the same feeling, and exchange opinions, and so on. However, for example, I often got lost at RHIT so I was asking the way to a nearby student each time. They were very kind and led me to the classroom. I could learn a lot, so if you are considering studying abroad, it may be nice to dare to get lost at the university.

In addition, I encourage you to talk with your roommate a lot. Although I wanted to talk with my roommate for about a week since I got to RHIT, I did not know what to talk about so I felt quite stressful. Finally becoming unable to endure, when I was crying while talking to Japanese friends, my roommate was worried and gave me donuts. I guess it is the same as I did not know how I could talk to her and I think she did not know how to contact with me. After that, I asked her about Chicago's recommended spots, and talked about our study and class, and we talked about various things although I couldn't speak English well. I'll never forget the memory I had a good time with her.

I had a very valuable experience through these three weeks. Lastly, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank for all people who helped me about the program, especially roommates and mentor-students. I really appreciate them.