Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology - Misato Morino, a third year student (during the program) / undergraduate

<This English report is written by the student>

I got a shock at my poor English skill in the short-term study abroad to Rose-Hulman when I was a freshman. I stayed in Rose for three weeks and I realized that I couldn't communicate with people at all in English. It was difficult for me to tell my opinion and understand what other students said. Then, I began to join some international activities to train my communication skill in English after I came back to Japan. I also visited Dalian, China, to participate in DNA program in the spring of sophomore, and I finally applied for mid-term study abroad last year. I thought that I should try the English environment again. Half a year does not be too short. Then, I decided to go toRose and test myself to develop.

Students and professors in Rose had their own goal and made effort to it. I think one reason is that Rose is one of the best institutes of technology in US. Comparing Aizu with Rose, Rose's environment and policy was new for me because people in Rose always find and try new things. In class, teachers mainly recommended students to work together with other members. The contents of homework were also practical such as an internship. It is worth to take CSSE courses in Rose for students because they were very helpful when the students graduated and work as engineers.

On weekends, I had many good opportunities to interact with people; watching movies with the other exchange students, going to shop and having dinner with the faculties of GOP and friends having a car. Especially during the traditional events like halloween and thanksgiving, I joined some parties and dinner and got new friends there. Also visited one of my roommates's house and stayed for several days in the holiday before Christmas. We enjoyed baking cookies and going to downtown shopping,

I took an English course called College English for international students and lived with native roommates and classmates everyday so that I could train English. Only half a year was too short to develop my English perfectly, but I realized my English skill got better than before in some scene; for example, I could understand some phrases in an audio which I couldn't have before I finished my study abroad.

At first, I was very uneasy because I had no confidence to survive in Rose. However, I am sure that participation in this study abroad caused good effect to me in several dimensions. Not only just study but also the experience I had in half a year gave me additional confidence, and it will give me a hand in the future as the foundation for everything I will try.