Mr. Taku Nagasaka, a third year student(during the program) had returned from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana, USA on the Mid-Term Overseas Study Programs for Academic Year 2013.
Here is his report on his research, internship and daily life in USA.

A regular report from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (May, 2014)

I went to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (RHIT) for 7 months as an exchange student. The reason why I went to a foreign country to study abroad was that I wanted to try to learn a different style of a college and to get new knowledge about a foreign country. RHIT is top ranked engineering school in the US and I am also interested in the school, so I applied to the midterm program in my college. I felt happy to stay at RHIT for a long time because I knew I could study in this great school. At the same time, I felt anxious that I would not be able to catch up with the classes at the school and I would not be friends with anyone.
The studying style is not same as my university, and I remember spending much more time to do my homework. I took 3 classes and I could get 12 credits for all the quarters if I could pass all classes. However, I could not pass some classes and could only get 4 credits in the first quarter. This was the first time I had ever failed a class in university. But the experience encouraged and pushed me to get all credits next quarter. Fortunately, RHIT has a great system for learning and there are many staff who can teach very well. For instance, I went to the Learning Center and I often asked the staff about my English assignments. I did not know if my studying style was adequate for RHIT but I tried to perform my best at studying.

I attended many events in various places. I was able to meet many people who were not the same race as me, and I learned many things from them. Each person had a different lifestyle and way of enjoying their own life. I had never felt these feelings in Japan, so it was always so fresh for me and I remember thinking about my life and its differences. It was especially interesting to think about America because there are many races, beliefs, and cultures. I went to short trips for quarter breaks and I discovered many differences even though I was in same country. I guess these experiences will help me to understand people who live in other countries.
I appreciated that my family, friends, teachers, and other guys strongly support me. I could not live without their kindness because sometimes I had a hard time living at RHIT. They listened about my difficult experiences at such times, and they encouraged and pushed me strongly, so that I could get over my suffering.

Through this program, I have totally enjoyed my life at RHIT. I was able to learn a style of a college and to gain more new knowledge than I expected. I could also meet many people and could enjoy studying and playing with them. I believe that the experiences will be unforgettable memories for me. If I did not apply the midterm program, I could not have enjoyed these exciting experiences. So I have never felt any regrets for my choice to go to RHIT. If I had a regret, it would be that I did not apply for the program to stay whole year.
If you are a student who is thinking about studying abroad, I strongly recommend that you go. My experiences in the US have certainly helped my current life. I learned that the differences between the US are not only about studying but also lifestyle, way of thinking, and so on. Fortunately, you have a chance in our university and all of you can apply for it. CSIP will help you have a great future, and it is not too late to go there and ask about the studying abroad program.