In the Edo era, the Aizu region came to be well-known as a han (feudal clan) devoted to education of children. This was characterized by the school of the Aizu clan with traditions, Nisshinkan. However, as there was no 4-year university in the Aizu region, the Fukushima Prefectural Government determined to establish a prefectural university in this region where people carried on the tradition of being enthusiastic about children's education. For establishment of a new university in the progress of highly internationalized and information-oriented society, it was considered essential to foster internationally-minded human resources that would lead the way in development of informatics in the future. Therefore, it was decided that the university would be solely dedicated to computer science and engineering, and was established in April, 1993.

Founding Goals

  1. Fostering of human resources abundant in creativity
  2. Contribution to the international society
  3. Highly intensive education and research
  4. Outstanding education and research utilizing regional characteristics
  5. Contribution to industries/culture in Fukushima Prefecture
April 1992
Application to the Ministry of Education for the establishment of The University of Aizu
December 1992
Approval for establishment of the University is granted
April 1993
Opening of the University
Expenses for the opening(Siting, construction etc.)
Approx. ¥40 billion
Total surface area Approx. 200,000m2
Total floor area (10 buildings, 8 adjoining facilities)
Approx. 47,000square metre
April 1995
Establishment of the Multimedia Center
April 1997
Establishment of the Master's Program
April 1999
Establishment of the Doctoral Program Establishment of the Core and Information Technology Center
April 2002
Establishment of University-Business Innovation Center
April 2006
Reorganization into Public University Corporation
April 2008
Introduction of the New Curriculum
April 2009
Establishment of Research Center & Cluster Introduction & Cluster Introduction & Cluster Introduction for Advanced Information Science and Technology
May 2011
Completion of "Somei House"
April 2013
Establishment of Revitalization Center
April 2015
Establishment of Center for Globalization
July 2015
Completion of LICTiA
April 2018
Establishment of X-Lab.-AI(AI Center)
April 2019
Establishment of Aizu Research Center & Cluster Introduction & Cluster Introduction & Cluster Introduction for Space Informatics
April 2022
Abolition of the laboratory system