Latest Topics on Regional Development and Social Contribution

Latest Topics Related to Regional Development and Social Contribution.

The University of Aizu's Regional Development and Industry Creation Aims

Setting a basic philosophy of "Contributing to the Industry and Culture of Fukushima Prefecture", the University of Aizu is committed to contributing to the promotion of the community contribution activities. We actively engage in exchanges with local industry, and are working with local companies to create new industries centered around research and technologies.

The University of Aizu's Regional Development Projects

TThe University of Aizu is involved in a variety of initiatives aimed at promoting local industry. The university promotes regional comprehensive industry-university-government collaboration projects such as the Smart City Concept, and we are working to get Aizuwakamatsu City selected as one of the Super Cities.

Revitalization Support from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, The University of Aizu Revitalization and Creation Support Center has engaged in a range of initiatives aimed at supporting the revitalization of Fukushima, including promoting local industry, robotics projects, developing human talent who play an important role in the revitalization, and a program for helping women acquire ICT skills and find work in the prefecture.

Specific Regional Development and Social Contributions of the University of Aizu

Off-campus Lectures and Public Lectures

As part of contributing to the community, we offer a variety of public lectures. Off-campus Lectures are lectures given by the UoA faculty members dispatched to give lectures on computers and other subjects in response to requests from high schools, etc. Public Lectures are held by the university, and Off-campus Public Lectures by Dispatched Faculty Members are lectures given at the requests from organizations or groups, etc.

Public Lectures (Japanese Text Only)

The University of Aizu Revitalization and Creation Support Center (RACS)

The University of Aizu Revitalization and Creation Support Center was established with the aim of contributing to the revitalization of Fukushima from the Great East Japan Earthquake. It has made university-wide efforts including the Junior College Division towards that goal.

The University of Aizu Revitalization Center (Japanese Text Only)

University-Business Innovation Center (UBIC)

The University-Business Innovation Center (UBIC) is a hub for industry-university-government collaboration. It was established in order to promote research collaborations between the University of Aizu, companies, and the community.

University-Business Innovation Center

Aizu IT Autumn Forum

The forum has been cohosted with the Aizu Industry-University Consortium since FY2007 to invigorate the IT industry and to brand Aizu as a leading IT hub by disseminating information throughout Japan, and to solidify its foundations.

Aizu IT Autumn Forum (Japanese Text Only)


The University of Aizu is participating in the Business System Design, or BizSysD field. It belongs to the MEXT's project "Education Network for Practical Information Technologies (enPiT)", which aims to develop human talent who are capable of solving specific social issues by promoting practical education such as problem-based learning. We offer a one-year learning program to hone students' creativity through system development.